Monday, July 10, 2017

Lots of announcements!!!.

Hey everyone! alright so this week was a pretty good week, we traveled alot for leadership council and we also have been working pretty well in our area! last monday since we had to leave early monday night to go to guadalajara we just spent the day basically being tourists haha, we went to the super nice mall here with the sisters and bought some pizza and that was the highlight of our day haha. Tuesday we had leadership council! and it was officially the longest ive ever been in! we got to the church at 8 for breakfast, even though it didnt show up till 830, then we started everything at 915 and didnt get over until almost 6 pm! Elder Herrmann made the joke afterwards, "this is the only council ive been in thats had 3 halftimes" hahah so yeah it was pretty long but it was good! also we found out that the first presidency has now made the rule that we can only write for an hour and a half! so i know ive said it before but let me say it again, if im not able to respond to all of you each week please forgive me but i will do my best! also in leadership council, since it was the 4th of july and since im about as american as they get, of course i took my flag and we took lots of pictures with it haha(pictures to come, and im sure their already on facebook). since leadership council didnt get over until way late we werent able to take a bus until 830 and ended up getting home at 1130 at night! just one of the many "perks" of being a zone leader haha. The next day we had the district meetings which went pretty good, and handing out all the materials and packages afterwards made me and my companion feel like santa clause handing out presents haha. speaking of santa clause, he made a suprise visit to our house that day as well, he brought us new mattresses and irons and a new ironing board as well! that really is a perk of being a zone leader haha! weve slept a lot better since. That night we took our investigator to have an interview with the stake president, and the stake president told us after that he put a goal with him that he can be baptized in 15 days. so were going to keep working with him and we hope that that works out and we can have a baptism for the first time in about a year in this ward! Thursday was a pretty normal day, usually we play soccer with the young men from 8 to 9, but since we had to plan for the zone conference we only got to play for the last half hour, another "perk" of being a zone leader haha. Friday was pretty normal not too much to say there. Saturday as well was just  a normal day, visited a few people and everyday this week we have been planning more and more things for our zone conference that we are going to have TOMORROW! and yesterday was Sunday, always the best day of the week! I always love sundays on the mission because for the little bit of time that we are taking the sacrament i can feel peace. And today has been quite the adventure that me and my companion werent expecting! we played soccer again with the young men this morning and afterwards we took a trip to a place called "tocumbo" its basically the home of the popsicles down here. we thought it was only 40 minutes away, and when the bus driver told us it was gonna be 1 hour 40 minutes, we got just a liiiiitle bit wide eyed haha. but it was cool, the bus ride was awesome because we left zamora and passed through little towns and beautiful mountain sides, felt great to be out of the city. we got to the little town of tocumbo, of course bought a popsicle, took a few pictures, ate lunch and ate the best tacos i have ever ate in my life, then took a bus back home! tonight we get to keep planning for the zone conference and this week is gonna be the conference, interviews, then just work! I want to also wish my little Sister Makell happy birthday this week! i love you sis i hope you have a way fun birthday! I love you all so much thanks for all that you do! have  agreat week! Love Elder Griffin

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A pretty normal week...

Hey everyone. well not to much happened this week honestly. kinda weird right? yeah i know haha. all we did this week was we had our zone activity last monday which was pretty fun, that night me and my companion split up with the elders that stayed with us to be able to make more visits. Tuesday we had the district meetings. during one of them we all left the church to go and talk to people in the streets and practicing new ways to contact people! so that was pretty sweet. Then afterwards we had divisions with Elder Tonge and Elder Cruz. Funny story, my junior year of high school i wrestled against Elder Tonge haha, and so since me and him were in divisions together we talked alot about wrestling and also football and lots of fun things like that. the divisions went really good actually as well, and is tradition we bought pizza haha. then wednesday we just spent the morning knocking on doors and trying to find a few new investigators, and the afternoon we spent visiting our investigator that is progressing most. Thursday was pretty fun actually, because we spent the whole morning in our weekly planning and then after we ate lunch we got to help the sister missionaries here move everything in their old house to the new one. the funnest part about it, it was raining outside haha. so we got almost soaking wet while moving everything but thankfully we got it all moved and everything situated so there werent too many problems there. friday was the interview day for our investigator that we had been preparing to be baptized, first off we went to find him but wasnt home, so we just went to the church hoping he would show up. when the other elders showed up to interview him and he still wasnt there we went to search for him again, and found him asleep in his house... but we woke him up and took him to the church haha. now we have another interview planned for him on wednesday and if all goes well there we will be having a baptism this week! Saturday we just got to be in our area and work and visit, although the rain kept us in the whole morning since it was raining cats and dogs. Rained even harder yesterday, luckily we were in the house of a member when the rain hit but after we left the streets had turned into rivers haha. reminded me alot of san jeronimito, except here the rain goes away after half an hour, and in san jeronimito it hit for hours on end. Today we will be heading to guadalajara since leadership council is tomorrow. we will see what new information he has to give us and what we will be doing in the mission for the close future. Thanks again to everyone for all that you do and i hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin