Monday, June 27, 2016


Hi everyone!! so this week was pretty good i would say. I don't even know whether a week is good or bad anymore because they all seem great to me! anyways this week the first interesting thing was that we had divisions again, and once again i got put with elder Cuenca. i think i told you guys about him before. anyways hes really disobedient and not humble at all and i absolutely hated working with him last time. this time it was a little better though. we worked in my area and he was pretty good we actually got along alright as well so that was good. the only part that sucked was that before we started the divisions i filled up a bucket full of water in case he didn't get up on time i was gonna dump it on him! but sadly i think he heard about my plan because both mornings he got up with me right on time at 630 so i wasn't able to dump the bucket on him. oh well haha. Also on Friday we had our Zone Conference with the president! we ended up leaving our house at 715 in the morning and didn't get home till 915 at night because we were in Lazaro Cardenas all day long! It was a really good Conference though i liked it. They just talked about being a better missionary and how we can work better with the members and we really need to win their trust so that they will help us with visits and stuff like that! It was really cool just because the president is a way awesome guy and told us that his most important responsibility is the well being about his missionaries! He always tells us how much he loves us and usually tears up while saying it too so its awesome cuz hes such a cool guy! then after we had our interviews and mine was way awesome! it was just like talking to a friend. He just asked how i was and how I've been and if i had any concerns and then he just told me that i need to prepare to be a leader soon! so i guess well see what happens these next transfers if i get called to be a leader or not! Oh also something awesome is that during the Zone Conference they told us that WE CAN WEAR SUNGLASSES and hats!! so saturday and sunday i was wearing my sunglasses whenever we were outside haha. the crappy thing about the hats is that they cant be cowboy hats or baseball hats, so they basically have to be the kind of hats you see the jehovas witness use, and for a lack of better words lets just say their not cool haha. So thats awesome as well! We also found out on saturday that our area is actually really dangerous! when we picked up a member on saturday to help us with a lesson their was a funeral service on the same street. The person who lived their was basically a gangster and he got shot and killed about midnight the night before. then talking with the member after he said that San Jeronimito is way dangerous cuz theres a bunch of gangs and just bad people. during the night the marines and the army and police all drive around in their truck looking for people. on a side note, the people at the funeral were screaming and crying just because they thought that they'd never see that person again and that was the end, how thankful we are that we know the plan of salvation and we know we can be with our families forever! speaking of dangerous things, theirs an american family in the ward of zihuatenejo and since on sunday we had a stake conference i was talking to the dad for a bit and he said that he didnt go to the stake conference in Lazaro because its not recommended for americans to leave Zihuatenejo and Ixtapa. So really i shouldnt even be in my area haha! So thats cool as well! no worries i still feel really safe! i know the lord is watching over me and nothing crazy has happened while weve been around or close to where we live so all is well! well thats about it for this week! Love you all and i hope life is treating you well! something i like that i saw written on a bus here says "dont tell god you have a big problem, tell your problem you have a big god". Have a great week!! Love Elder Griffin

KARI: Wowzer bud...  sounds like you had plenty of opportunity to teach alot of people about the plan of salvation right there and I hope that they understand that they better not mess with my son, because he does have a really big power watching over him and I have to say, that I truly feel that you are being protected and watched over, I really do feel a peaceful feeling that you are protected!  I hope that you feel that same peace and I hope that you know that you truly are a leader and I know you will give it your all and that you will bring the best out in everyone of the people and the missionaries that you will be serving with!  You are a great example to me and to all the members in your family! I remember when you left on your mission, Haley saying that you are the first in the griffin family to serve a mission and what an impact you will have on the future generations of the griffin family cousins!  Way to go bud for being the first and the best example to all of us!  You are and will continue to be blessed and protected for your love and devotion to your Heavenly Father!  I love you and I pray for your happiness and for your safety and that you will know that your family is safe and protected at home too!  Love you forever bud!

KADEN: Thanks mom i love you too! yeah i know i told the member who lives close by that we should visit them some day soon and teach them haha. Yeah im not too worried about my safety honestly. i know that god is watching over me and you guys as well!! havent even really worried about that for awhile honestly. and its funny too cuz down here is crazy! like the driving is crazy and we just cross highways and freeways right in the middle of the road and if we wanna get on a bus we basically have to do it running haha! all is good though im loving it down here! honestly dont think theres any other place in the world id rather be right now that right here doing what im supposed to do!

KARI: Awesome to hear that last line... doing what I'm supposed to do!  Your amazing Kaden!  You are truely amazing and i am so very proud of you!  WOW!  Cool cool cool! 

so for anyone that says spanish is easy... this is just an example of how many different ways there are to conjugate ONE WORD!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Howdy yall! So once again im doing great in case anyone was wondering!! this week was pretty average to be honest haha. also in case anyone was wondering we didnt have that lesson with the catholic priest or teacher guy haha. he ended up chickening out at the last minute which was kindof a bummer but oh well its all good! then this week was pretty normal. a little tough on lessons just because we were really struggling to meet our goals because alot of people canceled on us or wouldnt show up to the lessons or wouldnt be home when we had planned to visit them... so that was kindof tough but we worked really hard yesterday and met our goals for the lessons and even got better then our goals!! This week it has rained a little teeny tiny bit haha. its really weird because itll rain really really hard but only for like a few hours during the night, and then when the day comes its still really hot with the sun feeling like its REALLY close and its alot more humid too but its all good! hopefully itll rain 3 or 4 days straight which will really cool it down but i guess well see! also a little fun fact. i weighed myself on thursday and well, im pretty sure i left home about 242 pounds, during my time in the mtc jumped up to about 250 because i was eating alot and not doing a lot of exercise, left the mtc at about 246 after cutting back a bit and working out hard, i remember leaving La piedad at about 231 or close to it, and when i weighed myself on thursday i was 215! and that was right after we had just got done eating with a member as well and in full proselyting clothes! crazy right? im betting ill leave this area at about 205 haha. Also can i just say that the scriptures are awesome? in preparing to planch(in spanish it means "to iron" but we use it like chew out basically) the catholics my companion pulled out a book called in defense of truth. its awesome! it teaches alot about our doctrines and how the truth of them is found in the bible and how the book of mormon and modern day revelation is supported and needed as well! so this week ive really been studying the scriptures really heavily and marking my scriptures like crazy! i love studying the scriptures and figuring all this religion stuff out haha!! Well thats about it for this week. all is well down here. we eat mangos almost every day and make lots of mango smoothies which is awesome haha. loving life and im staying really happy! Happy (late) Fathers Day to all the dads as well! Hope yall have a great week and ill look forward to writing you next week! Love Elder Griffin
 20 pesos each... that's $1.07 a tie...
 Chillin' with the dog...
 P-day with the Elders...  Subway.. it's not rice and beans people...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 1 with Elder Aldana!

Hey Yall! so everything down here in San Jeronimito is going pretty good i would say! thankfully it has started to rain a bit down here which is way nice! it makes everything a little more humid so i sweat easier, but i sleep alot better and rest alot better because things are a little cooler, and apparently this week its supposed to rain alot so i hope that happens! well this week honestly was a little tougher than usual. since Elder Ramirez left i decided to drop alot of less active members and investigors who just werent progressing. so this week we had ALOT of free time that we spent talking to everyone and knocking on doors, which sadly yeilded basically no results. so our numbers this week werent as good as i usually like but its ok because were still working hard! still happy as could be though! im loving this work and im loving all the blessings that im getting as well as all the blessings i can see in the lifes of the people down here when they let the gospel in! Oh also after we get done writing were gonna go fight with a catholic haha. So we got invited to go listen to a catholic guy give a lesson in someones house, so were gonna see how that goes. me and my companion have been studying for it and preparing for it. we also spent an hour with a member(the member who invited us) last night sharing those scriptures and preparing more haha. well thats about it for this week! not a whole lot new going on. mexico is treating me well haha. the members are giving us a bunch of mangos every day! so we make alot of mango smoothies and our fridge is half full of mangos haha. well i hope everyone at home is doing well and i hope that you all have another wonderful week! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Griffin, Elder Smith and Elder Herrmann

Elder Griffin said these are some tired missionaries...  Elder Aldana is taking the pictures...

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kaden's response about his last 2 summers and injuries...

Kaden: i think your right about the stubborness haha. its probably whats kept me in the mission. as terrible as times have been, but not right now but in my training, i decided a long time ago that i wasnt gonna go home, and so im just working hard and when things push me around i just push back! thanks for always pushing me mom i think your efforts have really payed off! and dont worry im sure me and my new companion will get along fine! i heard hes kinda crazy but in a good way haha. also heard hes a little cholo( means like a basic mexican, i.e. big rims- little tires, low hangin pants, weird music) so i guess well see how this goes!

Kari: I am kinda nervous for you bud, if he's kinda crazy, remember, it is June 6, 2016.... and you haven't broken a bone or blew up something???  so, that means with your new companion and his "kinda craziness".... DON'T GET HURT THIS SUMMER!!!!!   HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Kaden: Haha i just was talking with Elder Herrmann about that today actually! i said the same thing "dang its june 6th and i havent done anything stupid or broken anything yet" haha im glad that makes you laugh! dont worry ill be fine! like it says in my patriarchal blessing, im blessed that no harm or accident will stop me from acheiving my goals! the lord is watching over me and im trying to be a little smarter than i was at home haha. and crazy to think that a year ago i blew up my hand, and now i have full motion! especially when none of the doctors thought i would! i guess i was just meant to blow expectations haha. dont worry im being obedient so the lord will keep an eye on me, and whatever does happen its all following the great plan the lord has prepared!

My thoughts as I am posting, Kari.
I am in awe every week as I read how much his testimony has grown and to see the perseverance and determination of this boy!  I am so impressed, reading and feeling his spirit through his emails. This boy of mine that has given 100% to making this be the best experience of his life!  He is giving his all as he is serving our Heavenly Father and the people in Mexico!  He is such an example to me to make the most of every situation, good or bad!  It gives me such comfort to know that he is happy and loving the service he is giving! Keep up the great work Kaden!   Love, Kari.

End of my first transfer in San Jeronimito!

Well ive been here for 6 weeks now! my companion Elder Ramirez is now headed to moroleon, Elder Herrmanns first area! we had to get up at 5 today to catch a bus at 6 so that he could get to zihua by 7 and take a bus to lazaro by 720. we left the house to walk to the bus stop while it was pouring rain too! first time its ever rained and i loved it! sure hope it keeps raining to make everything cooler! so right now im with Elder Juarez as my companion for today, and were with Elder Herrmann and Elder Clifford. My new companions name is Elder Aldana and thats all i really know about him haha! well anyways let me tell you about last week! on monday me and Elder Ramirez decided we wanted to be like jehovas witnesses for a day, so after we ended our pday we set a table up outside our church and put out every pamphlet that we have and a few books of mormons and we waited for people to come! only one lady talked to us in the hour and a half that we were there, and she ended up being a less active member haha. then on tuesday and wednesday i had divisions with Elder Porras! hes really cool and we got along really well, but the divisions went kinda bad just because a whole lot of our plans fell and we were walking a ton to find people to teach and no one was home so that was kinda crappy but its ok we survived and taught a few people and it was fun being with him for divisions. thursday and friday were a little better as far as the work went. we had a few more lessons and a little more success which was nice. since we kinda guessed that we would be having transfers me and Ramirez went and ate at this really good taco place just below our house friday night and that was kinda like a little party for us eating street food haha. but later that night my stomach decided to throw a big fit and i woke up about 430 and had to go to the bathroom bad!!! i dont know if it was the tacos or what i ate that day but i had terrible diahrea and stomach pain! the worst part is that saturday all day long i had stomach pain and we had to start our fast! it was easily the hardest fast ive ever done. me and Ramirez ended up waking up sunday morning at 230 just cuz it was so hot and we were so thirsty that we couldnt sleep. after walking around the house for a bit and playing a game of chess we tried to sleep again at 530 till 630. then we went to the church and had a lesson with an investigator and we ended our fast and im pretty sure i drank about 2 liters of water haha. but man it felt good after! and yesterday we were stuffed! since everyone found out that Elder Ramirez is leaving every appointment we had they fed us food so by the end of the day we were way full haha! oh and another cool side note, ive written in my diary every day that ive been on the mission and ive filled a page each day, and today is the last page that i have in my journal!! 217 days! how crazy! i already have another journal bought and ready to go though haha. and that was this last week! questions, comments, concerns? haha im loving the mission! im way happy and doing amazing and loving the work and all is well in zion! hope all is going well for you all at home! until next week!! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Herrman, Elder Clifford and Elder Griffin, early morning studies!

 Family Home Evening Activity at the church!
 Well ELDER, I cleaned the toilet... GREAT!  Next time could you NOT use my shower brush!
Normal things to find on the streets of Mexico...
Ending their P-day.. Thought they'd be like Jehovah's Witnesses... didn't get them much success....

 Sweet OLD car in the junkyard...