Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another beautiful week here in San Jeronimito!!

Hey everyone! well everything is still going great down here like always haha! so one awesome thing is that me and my companion have been together 5 weeks now and we havent had one single fight! thats basically a miracle haha! also this past week we had really great numbers which im really happy about! we are working really hard here and even though im tired at the end of every day god is helping me push through! one day this week we had a bunch of appointments! in one day we ended up having 5 lessons with a member present and 5 lessons with less active! me and my companion were dead tired at the end of that day but we were so happy as well because we knew that we had worked hard and that it had payed off! another fine example of god helping us push through is that on saturday we gave service to a couple here in the branch. we helped them cut their grass and basically just clean up their yard a bit. but they do things a little different here, they cut the grass with machetes and its not normal grass haha. this grass was a bugger to cut and we spent almost an hour straight of just chopping and hacking at this thick stuff and trying to pull it up. we also ended up finding a big cement block which ended up being a thing that they use down here to wash dishes and clothes in that they didnt even know they had! after we cut the grass we took a break and drank some cold sodas they gave us and then we spent another 15 minutes moving that heavy block to where they wanted it and lifting it up into place. ive never been so sweaty before in my life, and thats saying something since i wrestled! it was good though. we ended up going home and showering and changing before our last appointment of the day just because we were both soaked and dirty! im loving it down here though! im really happy to be out here and even today was awesome! we went to zihua and went and ate with a member there with the 4 other elders from zihua! he cooked some way good food and it was great to hang out with Elder Herrmann and some other elders as well! So no worries all is well in Mexico and i just hope that all is going good at home! love you all! Love Elder Griffin

   He is still really happy and doing pretty good!

 Look... 3 fingers in the neck space...  Think he's lost a little more weight?

 He said, " I can even put my chin in my shirt now!"

Kaden seems to be doing great amidst his hot and humid weather....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Another week in San Jeronimito...

Hey everyone! well this week was pretty sweet to say the least, still seems like its getting hotter everyday but yeah im surviving so its ok haha. they say it should be getting colder soon if it starts to rain so im praying for it! anyways on monday tuesday and a little bit of wednesday i was on divisions with Elder Herrmann! me him and another elder( Elder Cuenca) were put together because our companions went to morelia for a training, so we got put together and worked in my area for those days! it was way way fun! monday night was kinda tough since basically no one was home, we walked everywhere trying to visit people and ended up only teaching one person but it was ok! then we got home that night and me and Elder Herrmann ended up talking till about 330 in the morning... whoops haha! but we still got up at 630 like we were supposed to and we went to the store in the morning and i bought a monster to help get me through the day haha, and yep it helped! then we had a great day together! just me and him were chatting about good times and we had lots of good lessons which was great! a few funny stories, we had a really powerful lesson with an inactive lady, she was crying at the end but i know we really helped her feel the spirit and she felt good after, but anyways i offered the closing prayer and at the end i think she just wanted to show her gratitude so she asked, "do you like mangos?" and Elder Herrmann without missing a beat said "actually their my favorite" and then we all just broke down laughing it was so funny haha. another funny thing is there are like big wild pigs here, so one was laying down under a tree in the shade. now Elder Herrmann likes to scare chickens and pidgeons and just make em run off, so i told him that i would give him 5 pesos if he scared the pig. well he walked up to it and flapped his arms and yelled at it, it jumped up from where it was and man i have never seen Herrmann run that fast haha! the pig just stayed there but Herrmann was gone! i paid him the 5 pesos with a big smile on my face. that night also stayed up talking again till about 3, but hey once again we were up at 630 and did everything else we should have! but yeah divisions were fun so that was good. we had a service activity on thursday where we helped clean the church for an hour and a half! that was really good and it looks way nice now! also we had a way awesome training on saturday from the new area 70 elder chavez, after listening to him talk for 2 hours i was really pumped to go work! just because he talked about how we can do things better and why and i dont know but he just really motivated me haha. so yeah it was a pretty good week! we had really good numbers too so im really happy about that! yeah everything is going good here! im happy and doing well and losing lots of weight, still dont know whether thats a good thing or a bad thing haha. Hope you all have another fantastic week! i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Herrmann and "mangos"... they are his favorite!  :)

Kaden's before and after hair cuts this week... it must be really hot, because he's keeping it short!

this video is for Kaden to watch. Kylee scoring the final pk in state cup.

Monday, May 16, 2016

It is hot in Mexico!

Hey everybody! so life in good ol mexico is still going good! just that its getting hot as hot can be right now! i really think that i have sweated off ten pounds because my shirts are so loose around my neck now its crazy haha. but besides that its been a pretty good week all in all. we had our zone meeting on tuesday which honestly was a little boring but hey i survived haha, and tuesday night my companion called home so we got to chill out at the church with the air conditioning on high which was great haha. and then we just had a normal week of working! i dont know if i told you but we do like ward family home evenings every week here and before them we have an english class! its great because the family home evenings used to start at 6 but no one showed up till 7, but now we start the english class at 6 and everyone is there early to learn and after we share a lesson and go play volleyball and soccer which is great! this week was a little slow work wise, just because alot of our plans fell through and its really hard working in this heat but we keep pushing. and the great thing is that right now im with Elder Herrmann in divisions! were working in my area and were also with Elder Cuenca sadly(the guy who i had divisions with two weeks ago and i said was terrible) but its ok. were in my area and its gonna be way fun to be together for a day! all 3 of our companions went to a training so thats why were together but yeah! so all is good here, im finally start to learn how to roll my r´s which is awesome and im really happy about! and i think by the time i finish working in this area ill finally be skinny for the first time in my life haha, but lets not get our hopes up yet! well thats it for now! i hope you all have a great week i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

Coming home from Zone Conference....

New badges....

 Finally got the package I sent him from Hawaii... March 20th...

 He wishes he could go proselyting in this... LOL!

 He admits to having an addiction to Coke!
 Elder Herrmann and Elder Griffin on divisions together... watch out Mexico!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Another week in the HOT SUN!

Hey everyone! so wow the days of may have definitely arrived because every day it just gets hotter and hotter here! but its ok I'm surviving like always haha. well let me tell you a little this past week. first off on Monday we had planned to go visit the family of the 70 that we met but his family wasn't there but he was so we ended up just talking to him and his wife for an hour which was really cool. he told us that his sister in law was a member but inactive for 16 years and that his brother in law isn't a member. they've had who knows how many missionaries visit them and teach them but the 70 told us something awesome "no one listens until its the voice they need to hear" which i loved because i may not convert everyone just because i'm not the one whos meant to convert them, but at the same time there is someone out there that needs to hear my voice. then we had district meeting on Tuesday and had divisions after, i went to the area of the elders in a place called pant-la, their house was honestly a mess, spider and cockroach infested with food everywhere, i hated it! not to mention the guy i was on divisions with was about as prideful as could be and just had to call attention to himself and be the center of attention, the worst part is i found out Tuesday night that the divisions were gonna be for two days instead of just one because my companion forgot to tell me and i only packed for one day. so that was awesome. but no worries i pushed through and made it back to our area! me and my companion planned this week that either an hour before or after  lunch were gonna go to the church and crank the ac and have an hour study so we dont have to die in the heat so thats good! and then we just had normal days of work and i talked to my family yesterday which was absolutely awesome and i loved every single second of it! besides that just same old same old haha. we worked really hard this week and had good numbers again which im really happy about. im really happy too! we just had a fun zone activity of playing games and food eating competitions and scripture chases and yeah it was way fun as well so today has been a good day and were gonna go have a big zone activity in a bit called a big bang! its where everyone in the zone goes and we just talk to everyone in a small section of a town and its awesome so im excited for that! but yeah im just trying to always stay happy and enjoy the time i have here because i know it'll be over before i know it! well that's it for this week and i hope you all have a great one and remember your always in my prayers! Love Elder Griffin
 Kaden's bathroom and running shower....

 Kaden's new house....
 Zone Activity today...  I see Elder Herrmann....

Kadens last email today.. MY BOY HAS FIGURED IT OUT! I sure do love this missionary of mine!

Holy cow i cant believe i almost forgot! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Mom thank you so much for all that you have done for me growing up, i truly have no clue where i would be right now if it wasnt for the way i was raised and with you always keeping me and line and checking up on me and harping on me about alot of things.  mom i love you so much and i couldnt have asked for a better mom. your the most loving and most caring and most supportive mom i could ever ask for and im the luckiest son alive to have you be my mom. through all the good and the bad i think its safe to say you did a pretty good job raising me haha. i just wanted to say thank you mom for everything you did for me, and everything you do for me now. im sure your worried sick about me but dont worry, even if by some great plan i dont make it home in 18 months well still see each other in the next life and itll be so much better there! i hope you had a great mothers day and i just want you to know i love you to the moon and the stars and a million times in between. ill never be able to repay all that you have done for me and all that i know is still yet to come so thank you mom!!!!! have a great week and i look forward to seeing whats in the package haha!!:) Love Elder Griffin- aka, your favorite son😘

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week one in Petatlan, San Jeronimito...

Hey everyone! so wow has this past week been very different! first off its literally a 100 degrees down here pretty much every day, and not to mention we hardly ever see clouds in the sky, and its humid as heck too because the ocean isnt too far away. so you could say that this past week has been a little tough but im pushing through and slowly im getting used to it though. i have to always carry a little towel in my pocket though because of how much i sweat though haha. but yeah its all good here honestly. my area is basically just a little town of maybe 2000 people, and most the roads are dirt but they have a few pavement and then the highway that goes right through the middle of the town. this week was also really hard because i am trying to figure out how to find houses because hardly any streets have names and no houses have numbers, not to mention trying to learn everyones name again because i have no clue who anyone is. but dont worry its all good just new things i gotta do! this area honestly has alot of work to do, this past week we had 10 lessons with a member present and we taught 22 less actives! thats more than ive ever gotten in a week before! and the members here are really willing to help and accompany us to visit people and they give us lots of good references so its great! but yeah thats about it for this area haha, we do have our own church and its actually a pretty new nice church with a place to play volleyball and soccer outside and also it has air conditioning so its really nice! anyways theres two cool things that happened this week that i wanna tell you about. first off yesterday we were walking in the street and some guy calls us over to his house who is sitting outside talking with another guy and we walk over and they shake our hands and everything and they were just like really animated i guess you could say to see us. my companion asked him when we got there if he was a member and he said yes and we got talking a little more and my companion asked him "so brother are you active and do you go to church and all?" and he said... "im a seventy elder" how crazy is that!!! we met someone from the quorom of the seventy! his name is miguel hidalgo! so yeah now we laugh about my companion asking a 70 if hes active haha. and he also knew my companions parents! so it sure is a small world! and also the guy he was talking with is his brother in law, and hes not a member and i dont think his wife is either, we have an appointment with them tonight at 6 so hopefully it goes good! also today for our pday we decided that we were gonna go to ixtapa! if you dont know what that is its basically like a small cancun. it was a way awesome experience to be on the beach and see the ocean and the waves and man it was just beautiful! we spent about an hour taking pictures and walking the beach and i think im going back in 2 years haha. ill send lots of pictures dont worry. Well thats it for this week! me and my companion are getting along really good, were working hard and we crack a few jokes as well in our free time and im staying happy and healthy and ill probably lose a little weight here real soon haha. Well until next week! Love Elder Griffin

Kaden will SKYPE on Sunday, May 8th at 3:00 p.m.  So proud of this great missionary!  

 Kaden wishes he had this truck to drive around in....
 Kaden's new house..

 Visiting Ixtapa today, love P-days at the beach!

 Miss you all...  heart and arrow <3