Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Transferred to Petatlan, branch of San Jeronimito.

Hello everyone! thats right i got a new area! which im excited to tell you about after i tell you what happened this week haha. so just in case you all didnt know missionaries also know how to have fun out here on the mission, so on tuesday after we had our district meeting we had a nerf war! it started out as a free for all but after a little bit me and elder horne joined teams against elder antuna and elder toledo. and man we played for like an hour! we had chairs set up for defenses and tables as forts and we were running and hiding and sliding and it was way intense!!! the game ended when i entered a room i didnt know my companion( elder antuna) was in and he shot me at point blank range in the eye haha. all is good but after i couldnt see for a bit so we just ended it there, but that was way fun! then after that we cleaned up the church and we went to have divisions, me and elder horne in my area and elder antuna and toledo in the other area. it was good we worked hard and elder horne made a baby of an investigator cry because she scared him haha. but all good times. we all slept together in our house and we bought pizza and coke and had a good little party and yeah it was chill. then we had our interviews with the president on thursday in zamora, and after that we went to mcdonalds! needless to say i pigged out haha. and then the rest of friday and saturday was normal, they called me saturday night to tell me i was changing areas so i started packing my stuff( even though i had started packing since thursday since the president basically told me i was going) then went to church on sunday and spent the rest of the day packing! so then monday morning we left la piedad at 8 and got to zamora at 930. where we waited until 130 when me and elder smith left together to go to lazaro cardenas. in between that time we got to talk to elder emery though! hes elder antunas new companion and hes going to my area! how crazy is that? but then me and elder smith left, and when we got to a place called uruapan elder herrmann got on the bus as well as two other elders! so me and him and smith talked for three hours on the bus about the good old times which was great. then when we finally got to lazaro we stepped off the bus and it was like god turned on the heater and the humidifier!! from there me and hermann and two other elders walked to a different bus station to go to our areas. we left lazaro cardenas at 8 and we got to my new area at about 11, the other two elders got off before us. but yeah when we got here my new companion and elder richart were there! elder richart is elder herrmanns new companion and my new companion is elder ramirez! hes really cool so far and our house is way nice honestly! we live in a city called petatlan and our area is the branch of san jeronimito. guys its hot down here! and its humid! so dont be suprised if i come home and you ask where the other half of me is haha, because im sweating just writing my emails! but im excited and happy and cant wait to get to work!! well have a great week i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

our area where we live is really nice actually, i feel safe so far and all is beautiful here.  but our proselyting area is a 15 minute bus ride away and from what ive heard its like a newton with only dirt roads haha. just a small town that everyone knows us and has talked to the missionarys, but my companion said that the members are awesome and that we have a few people who can progress so were just gonna work hard and see what happens! my companion is from chihuaha juarez! the city we live in is petatlan, but this week ill take a few pictures of the outside and maybe you can search the street until you find it haha. and my companion says that this place is kinda safe haha. theres lots of drunks apparently and lots of narcos(gangsters) but they dont mess with us at all, and if we leave something somewhere itll be there when we get back because he said they dont rob here, i dont know if they just dont rob us or what but thats what he said haha. 

 Elder Horne, Elder Griffin, Elder Antuna, Elder Toledo, Mcdonald's in Zamora (first for Kaden)
Elder Griffin, Elder Antuna, last night in La Piedad, 
 Elder Toledo, Elder Griffin, Elder Horne.
 Elder Smith, Elder Emery, Elder Griffin, Elder Horne
 Elder Griffin, Elder Herrmann
Elder Reichart, Elder Griffin, Elder Ramirez, Elder Herrmann-  in Petatlan- San Jeronimito
Elder Griffin, Elder Antuna, Elder Toledo, Elder Horne- playing in Zamora

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi everybody! well not a whole lot to say about this last week either. although in zamora(a city about an hour and a half away) their burning buses and stores and rioting and who knows why but the last few days we had to be home before 8, and now its no later than 9, and the rule usually is no later than 930. so yeah thats kinda interesting! but like my subject line says hopefully this will be my last week here! transfers are going to be on monday and ive been here since my training which will make it 4 and a half months! i would really like to get to see another area but i guess we will see where the lord sends me! the work here is still slow but its getting better, the ward is slowly starting to work better and were trying to work with them and help them progress. also we had the bishop make an announcement yesterday in sacremement that if anyone needs any type of service or help to contact the missionaries! so hopefully we will get to help people out this next week and hopefully something good comes from it! im doing better than last week, i was just a little discouraged and dissapointed that we werent doing more but i know that if i just do what is asked of me the lord will use me in a way that he knows best! well hopefully next monday ill be writing from a different area haha!:) and i wish you all a good week and i hope that all is well with each and every one of you! Love Elder Griffin.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey everybody! so not a whole lot happened this week either haha. sadly this area has absolutely no progress because the ward is falling apart and the members don't help and the bishop is terrible and everyone is pretty much less active or inactive. but I'm pushing through it! just two more weeks here too and hopefully they'll transfer me after that. but don't worry I'm doing good! me and my companion are still getting along pretty good thankfully, and were both trying to work hard but no one wants to come to church and no one wants to be baptized. we almost had a baptism on Saturday but when we checked with them Friday night to see if they were ready they said they wouldn't be able to. the husband of the sister we were gonna baptized got shot at! so they had to go to zamora and travel to identify who it was that shot at them or something like that. just my luck right haha? but besides that im doing pretty good. also just wanted to say again that i dont have alot of time to write so if there are weeks like today that i wont be able to write everyone im sorry! also today we had a way fun activity as a zone for our p day! we played captured the flag and soccer and had obstacle courses and lots of fun things like that! my neck is way burnt though because usually I'm in a white shirt with a collar not just a regular tshirt haha. well thats it for this week i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

Monday, April 4, 2016

Good afternoon to everyone! wow its so crazy to think that i havent been in the united states for 5 months! crazy to think that ive been out here for 5 months! i tell you what this definetely isnt what i thought it would be haha! but yeah its been a good ride, and i still got alot to go haha. anyways this past week has been pretty good! went by really fast too i though! we had a zone conference on thursday that took up most of the day, our weekly planning session was really long as well on friday, and then we had general conference on saturday and sunday! so yeah we didnt work a whole lot this week but we sure had a lot of spiritual experiences and good times! also i finally ate my birthday cake haha! the sister that we live with made us a cake using the mix that my family sent me so that was good haha! also i finally ate a hamburger here! something that i havent ate since i left the mtc! so yeah you could say i was pretty happy when i got served hamburgers haha. we spent basically all day saturday in the church, and just a little bit less on sunday. i didnt wanna leave either days just because i knew i was gonna lose the spirit that i had and i really didnt want that to happen. but like elder holland gave in his closing remarks we have to come back to earth after celestial experiences! and the great thing about this gospel is that we get credit for trying! were not gonna be perfect but as long as we keep trying god will help us and bless us! also i should say that i got to watch conference in english with 2 other elders, and we were all waiting for elder holland to come on! when president uchtdorf got up at the end we thought he was gonna close the conference and so we were all really sad, but when he announced that elder holland would be the concluding speaker we all literally jumped up from our seats and shouted! we said we were happier about that then if we had been watching a football game haha, kinda weird how things change like that. also last week as me and my companion were walking we found a pool hall! we had found others earlier but they were more or less bars so we couldnt play there, but this one is like a public center! so me and my companion and the two other elders in la piedad played pool for an hour today! so yeah this past week has been a pretty good one i would say! im really grateful i have this opportunity to serve and that i get to bless and change lives, while having my life and everyone that i care about be blessed at the same time! may god watch over you all and ill write next week! Love Elder Griffin