Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 2 in Tapatio... February 27, 2017

Hey everyone! well this was another great week here in the big city of Guadalajara!! Tuesday we had our zone meeting and that went alright haha, just in this zone the missionaries kinda do what they want so one companionship showed up a half hour late and we had to wait for them and yeah... kinda stressful but oh well! Then Wednesday we had our interviews with the president and same story haha, usually us as zone leaders go at the very end but since the same companionship didn't show up we went at first. President Egginton basically told me sorry for taking me out of the paradise of missionary work haha, then he asked how i had been doing in this new area and we talked alot about the zone and the missionaries and yeah. Its always great talking to him! we were in the offices basically all day because when we are in Guadalajara all the missionaries have their interviews in the offices. That night we had a meeting with our stake president and President Egginton, after which President Egginton gave us a ride home to our house. I thought he was just gonna leave us outside the house like usual but this time he decided he wanted to see the house! O.O haha needless to say i started worrying about every little thing, the house was pretty clean actually, he just checked out the house because it used to be the sister missionaries house but they left because "they didn't feel good". I've felt normal and the president just wanted to check that. Thursday we started the new missionary schedule! now in our mission we get up at 7am, have more time to prepare ourselves and do our exercise in the morning, then we have daily planning in the morning instead of at night which is great so we can just come home at nights and get to bed. Also now we can go to bed at 10 if we want! or if we need more time we can stay awake till 11 to do a few more things. So yeah its been a little different adjusting to this new scheduled, mainly because im so used to getting up at 630 that my body has been getting up at that time every day haha. Friday we did divisions with some Elders in the zone, i got the chance to be with a brand new missionary from Snowville! it was kinda different just to see how i must've been in my training not knowing a whole lot and especially not knowing spanish haha. Then we had church on Sunday! Today we had a zone activity and went and played soccer and volleyball and capture the flag and had fun doing that! oh and the biggest announcement of all, OUR PDAY IS LONGER! it used to start at 1030 and end at 6, now it starts at 830 and ends at 630! its awesome! were all really happy about that haha. Everything is going great here! there are really alot of difficulties and just lots of problems here in this area, this ward, the stake and especially the zone. But were giving it all that we got and i know well be blessed for our efforts! I hope everyone has a great week and can feel the happiness that i feel every day! Love you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

My House that the sisters didn't feel good in???

 i actually cut 2 inches off my belt!!

Zone meeting...


Monday, February 20, 2017

First week in Tapatio! February 20, 2017.. Happy Birthday to me!

Well my first week in Tapatio was pretty good honestly! so far the weather has been pretty normal, there are some days that it gets pretty hot at about 3 in the afternoon, and there are others that it gets so windy my companion about flies away so i have to keep a hold of him on those days haha. So far our area seems pretty good! we are always climbing up and down hills though, and i mean steep hills! so i don't think ill be getting too fat here haha. also in this area the streets are pure cobblestone, just my luck my BRAND NEW BOOTS opened up on Tuesday, i was mad no lie. but we went to a little corner store, bought some super glue and so far so good! Don't be thinking that ive lost my redneck touch. This week was pretty great though! I've been doing everything possible to start a good relationship with the members, we went and talked to the first counselor of the bishopric, who is basically the bishop now since this ward doesn't have one. Were going to plan lots of activities and were going to do everything possible to explode this area! also we had a great meeting with our ward mission leader, something we almost never did in my last area! he helped us out alot and really wants to help us in everything and he also gave us lots of ideas of what we can do to have a bishop! our area is a little big and since all the streets go in so many different directions i never have a clue where were at, but i think that in 5 more weeks ill have it down. We also had leadership council this week and that was alright, kinda boring actually haha. We talked about health rules and how we shouldn't eat food in the streets(lets just say that's a rule that i would love to obey but my stomach doesn't let me). and we also talked about the new schedule we will be putting in this mission! starting Thursday we will be getting up at 7 instead of 630! this is so that we can sleep more and be healthier. also starting next Monday we will have 3 extra hours on our pday to do whatever we want! ITS GONNA BE AWESOME! and church was pretty good yesterday, 100 people showed up to church! my companion said that's the most he has ever seen and it was great honestly to see it! so yeah so far so good in this area! the members are pretty great, its a little tough working with the leaders here just because there not as "gung ho" as the leaders in my last area(i think that's a saying?). BUT we are giving it our all! this week well have interview with the president and i hope we can talk to the stake president as well about what we are going to do to see more miracles in this area. Still loving the mission! oh and apparently today's my birthday, kinda weird but yeah i guess that means I'm 20 now. To celebrate i ate my heart out(pictures to follow). So that was my first week in my new area! Cant wait to see how this next week goes! i want to say happy birthday to my cute cousins Emma and Madi! I hope they have a great birthday now that they are turning 8!! and i hope you all have a great week and may god be with you till we meet again! Love Elder Griffin

 My new area!

 The killer hamburger I ate today, then get my picture taken and posted on the wall... He said he even ate icecream after that the sister missionaries bought for him for his B-day!

 My Birthday ride...  if only????

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017.. I'm in Guadalajara... Transferred to Tlaquepaque!!!!

Hey everyone!! so just a quick update on my life. Today was transfers! i cant believe it but i got transfered! im now officially in Guadalajara! im in the tlaquepaque stake and in the tapatio ward! i was pretty suprised honestly, i really thought i was going to stay another transfer in my other area, but oh well i know im here because the lord needs me! anyways this last week was pretty awesome! we had alot of cool things happen and it was a great week to work without having too many meeting or things like that to worry about! Tuesday was normal with the district meetings, after that we got the whole zone together and listened to the last testimonies of Elder Menchu and Sister Allen since they have ended their mission! i always love hearing those testimonies, it just reminds me how special this work is and how lucky i am to be a part of it! and also how much we have to take advantage of this short time that we have! Wednesday was pretty normal as well as far as the work goes. Thursday was 100% crazy though!! the sisters in our ward had a baptism planned for that night, so like usual they ask for our help to clean the baptismal font and fill it up. Well we started filling it up at about 3 pm, and the baptism was supposed to be at 730, so plenty of time to fill. Well when we got there, just our luck, there was no more water! so the font had only filled up to knee height!! that was a little scary. Also it was supposed to start at 730, but the baptismal candidates along with the sister missionaries didnt show up till about 845!!! (we have to be home at 930 as missionaries or else we get in big trouble). so we literally were running throughout the whole church handing them the baptismal clothes and telling them to change. Rather than having a normal baptismal program that takes about an hour, we sang a hymn, prayed, a short 10 minute talk, then the baptism!! An adorable family got baptized, an 8 year old boy, a 16 year old boy, and the mom! the only tough part was that the 16 year old boy had to be baptized 3 times since there was hardly no water and they couldnt get all his clothes under the water haha! that was really fun( once again the sisters giving me more stress haha). Friday we said goodbye to the missionaries that ended their missions, Elder Fullmer stayed with us after since His companion ended his mission. Saturday we had an awesome stake activity! we did a day in the mission field! the stake organized a bunch of little workshops like about how to talk to people, how to iron your clothes, how you should dress, missionary things like that haha! We got to participate in all those fun things then all the youth that were there went with us to do make a few visits and contact people! it was awesome and all of the young men and young women loved it and all of them said they wanted to serve missions after! Also the bad news came on saturday that i was going to be transferred. Honestly i was a little sad, i really loved my last area and i REALLY dont like big cities, but again i know im here for a reason. When i talked to the assistents saturday night he told me that they really needed me here because all the zone is just depressed basically and no one is working really hard and things arent going good here. Talking to my companion he has basically just been telling me the list of problems there are in our area, our ward, our stake and in our zone. But im gonna work hard and give it all ive got!! And finally yesterday i spent packing my bags(its ridiculous how much stuff i have!) and i also said goodbye to everyone at church, that was pretty rough, lots of good friends i had made and lots of special people that i will definetely miss, but i know that we have to keep moving in life! also after church the family that was baptized on thursday invited us to eat at their house! that was pretty much my last supper haha. And here i am in Guadalajara! From what i can tell my area is a really safe and secure area( so dont worry mom im not gonna get mugged, i hope). My new companion is Elder Peña and so far he seems alright, just kindof a negative nelly because of how many problems there are here. One of them is that we dont have a bishop in our ward. that should give yall an idea of our problems here haha. Our house is super nice though!! i asked my companion why it was such a nice house and he said that is used to be a house for sister missionaries and then it all made sense haha. I love you all so much! thanks again for all of your prayers and love and support! it means the world to me! As i came into Guadalajara today in the bus i could just see all the pollution and the big city and no fields and no mountains and i immediately felt closterphobic. So wish me luck because we all know i love my mountains and my wide open space haha. Have a great week everyone! Love Elder Griffin

Little guy... Elder Menchu

 I've lost a little weight...  and I can't wait to get rid of the pants....

 Ready, watch em' burn!  ( I asked why he didn't give them away, he said they were in way to bad of shape!!!)

 Saying goodbye to all his friends...

 Everything I own is in these suitcases...

  Had to leave the tree behind... no room in his suitcases...