Tuesday, November 24, 2015

hey everyone! so the reason i am writing on tuesday today instead of on thursday is because everyone who was in our old zone left so we got switched to a new zone yesterday, so instead of being district 4a we are now district 7c. so we got a new classroom and a new schedule and everything so yeah thats about the most exciting thing that has happened. besides that its been a pretty boring week not a whole lot going on. just learning more and more spanish every day and studying the scriptures. we watched the movie the restoration sunday night and its about joseph smiths trials and all the first members trials that were persecuted and some even killed because of their beliefs. crazy to think about. It made me think that im pretty grateful that i can do what im doing and not have to fear for my life. Also makes me think that two years of my life given to this true church is nothing in comparison. everything is going good down here! really missing everyone! weve started singing more and more christmas songs here and that doesnt really help with the homesickness but oh well haha. its pretty crazy to think that im halfway through my time here at the mtc. i leave december 14th and i cant decide if im excited for it or not haha. guess i will find out! also ive been talking with alot of guys here about hunting and what we would hunt and where wed go before we left so thats been on my mind too alot lately. I sure hope they do something for us on thursday though but i guess we will see! but yeah im doing good not much else to say. Hope everything at home is going well and everyone is doing good! i still dont think ive realized yet though that im here for two years. pretty sure my mind and body still think im supposed to go home in a few weeks. maybe once i get to the mission field itll kick in haha. love you all sending my love and prayers! Love Elder Griffin
Hey mom! so yeah suprise im actually writing today! since everyone else in our zone of 4a left we got switched to zone 7c and that changed our schedule so my p day will now be on tuedsay for the next few weeks. Thanks for all the pictures i loved them all! it made me happy to see all my friends and family. Kylee sure did look cute for her dance! im glad she had lots of fun and was being safe! tell her that i always had as much fun as possible but i was always home by 12 or 1 if i text you! i also love what you did to the living room! it sure looks alot different than i left it! makes me really miss home seeing all the stockings up, including mine. but glad to see everything at home is going well! so yes i did get the krispy kremes on friday! thank you so much! it was awesome and all the guys in the district loved them! as far as the pouch mail no i have not gotten anything! like i said everyone here has told me it takes 6 weeks for just a letter to get here so i dont know that those letters will get here before i leave. but yeah im doing good ill send pictures in a bit and the weekly email. Love Elder Griffin

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Second Week Letter...

Hey! so wow this is now my second p day so i guess i only have 98 more to go! haha everything here is going great im eating plenty even though sometimes its not the best food in the world but ill survive. Sure miss some home cooking and fast food restaurants haha. This last week has been pretty okay just same old schedule of classes and excercize and stuff like that. We had our first trc last night and i dont know what it stands for but it was just teaching investigators so me and my companion prepared a lesson for  a lady and it went good and was awesome she was already gonna get baptized in 15 days anyways so we just answered questions but yeah that was good, what was scary is we all got done at the same time and my teacher said ok good switch companionships and go again! so me and isaac went and taught another lady having about 10 seconds of prep time but it all went well the next lady had been a member for 10 years so we werent worried when we found that out we just talked after that. Oh also my investigator earlier who i said was a good actor, yeah he was real good because he is now our night teacher haha. Oh well it was cool to get to teach someone. Ive gotten back into lifting here again which is great since the  last time i lifted was football season a year ago haha. oh and we went to the mexico city temple this morning!! it was so cool and so spiritual. the temple was beautiful and the celestial room was magnificent. ill send you the pictures i took in a little bit. But besides that it was a pretty normal week! nothing really is different since im a district leader except we interview everyone once a week just to make sure their ok and yeah thats basically it. im glad kylee gets to be the taxi now haha! now she might know what its like to get to be the family taxi. but good for her glad shes doing good just make sure shes safe.  And yes mom we have an awesome relationship as companions. we all basically bully each other but we couldnt be closer. Hows everyone doing and whats everyone up to this week? hows the weather and hows the pheasant hunting too? i miss home and i miss you all so much hope all is going well there because im fine down here. Love you guys have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our last email from Elder Griffin today.

Hey i got the package thank you so much! i don't think i saw it before just because it was a small slip in my mailbox. But yeah i got it! oh and i gotta go but i also wanted to let you know that me and my companion are the district leaders! we got assigned to it last Thursday so yeah that was cool too! love you thanks again! Elder Griffin

 Hey everybody! mom make sure your sending out these emails please and also if you didnt send the one from last week feel free to send that one too. Thanks! so everything here is going pretty good! havent really cried a whole lot haha i kinda got it all out on the plane i think. My companion is elder Emery and hes the funniest dude from michigan who is also going to my mission. My roomates are super funny as well and isaac is in my district! so we live right next to each other and have the exact same schedule so its awesome! we all get along great we all love getting on each others nerves but its a love hate thing haha. Its so weird to think ive only been here one week! it feels like a lifetime ago that ive seen my family and friends, and its weird how ive only known the people here a week but there like family to me. so our living quarters are pretty nice we have a good bathroom and 2 sets of bunk beds in our room that we sleep 4 to a room so thats not too bad. They keep everything here way nice too so thats a plus! as far as the food goes its just ok haha. I mean there are some days when its just terrible and i dont eat alot but then there are times where they serve chicken wings and i eat 5 plates full! but yeah dont worry about that im not starving or anything here haha. the water here is great because they either have alot of 20l bottles that you can fill up with that have been filtered or use the fountains here. they have their own private well seperate from mexico city so that water is fine it just tastes a little funky. i miss you all so much!! i think about you all every day and write about you in my journal every night. I hope everything is going good at home though. No one needs to worry about me im doing fine. It still hasnt kicked in that this isnt just a prolonged vacation haha. im worrying about you guys though! im keeping you in all of my prayers. my spanish is actually coming along pretty good! as long as someone talks to me at a slow rate rather than the normal speed that they talk at i can understand most of  what theyre saying! also were working on an investigator named fabian, who were pretty sure is already a member but hes one dang good actor. we had our fourth lesson with him last night and we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he just said when? it was awesome! me and my companion couldnt believe it. I just hope the people in guadalajara are that easy haha. everyone let me know how your doing because im thinking about you all. this is gonna be a long two years but itll be worth it. Love Elder Griffin (p.s. still not used to that)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kadens 'Elder Griffin's' first letter to us on his first day arriving at the Mexico MTC.

Your Missionary's mailing addres is:
Elder Griffin 
Departure date: 14/12/2015 [Branch 4 - District A]
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is [14/12/2015]. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly faciliate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.

So thats what they make us send. I made it to the MTC here! It was quite the process though since we had trouble getting alot of peoples tickets for the second flight and also it took forever to get through customs. I realized about an hour into my first flight that i had left my tie clip that said called to serve in one of the little bins at airport security, so that kinda bummed me out. Besides that im doing great! We just got done with dinner and they feed us great here! Burgers and fries and all sorts of sweets. It was one great meal considering how hungry and tired we were from the long day. I miss you guys already, I know it was just this morning i said goodbye but it seems like forever ago, this has easily been the longest day of my life haha. Thank you also for the letters you guys wrote for me. I got the chance to read them and they made me just lose it, im sure the guy on the plane next to me thought i was crazy for just crying for no reason. Well anyways i have to make this brief but i just wanted to let you know the hardest p├írt is behind me now! I wont be able to write you guys again until next thursday because thats when my p day is. I love you all so much. I miss you and i look forward already to seeing you in two. Love you guys. Elder Griffin. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Elder Kaden Chad Griffin will be leaving November 4th for the Mexico City MTC. He will then serve his mission in the Guadalara East mission.