Monday, January 2, 2017

Hey everyone!! i hope you all had a wonderful new years! i know mine sure was great and I'm looking forward to everything that 2017 has to bring! This week was pretty great! on Tuesday we had our district meetings and they were extra powerful since the district leaders focused alot on pumping up the missionaries and focused alot on faith! they talked alot about why we need to work hard and how and it was pretty great! also it was pretty funny since that day the whole zone got their flu shots(me included). Sister Lopez gave everyone their shots since shes a nurse, and since no one else wanted to do it i had to go first haha. The funny part was that we made fun of her after because i was the only one that bled out of all the missionaries, so we joked around saying she must have been extra mad with me. Then Tuesday we had divisions and those went really well since we had some really powerful lessons that day. Wednesday was pretty normal here and Thursday we were able to go to a baptism of a little girl here in the ward who turned 8. Reminded me alot that Lindsey is going to be baptized this week!! That baptism was so beautiful and afterwards the little girl was feeling the spirit so strongly that she was just crying and crying. Friday was normal and Saturday was awesome for two reasons. 1 is because a family gave both me and my companion new ties as a late Christmas present! that was really nice of them and really cool to receive that gift and the ties are really good looking too. and reason number 2 is because it was new years! as you can imagine it gets kinda crazy here for new years, so we had the rule to be home at 7. well we took advantage and decided to have a little new years party with some other elders! we bought coke and a whole lot of meat and got to grillin! nothing like i used to cook back home, but we made it work and it turned out ok! that night i had to sleep on the floor and i dont think ive ever slept worse in my life haha! but Sunday morning we got up and went to our house to get ready and went to church. the services were really spiritual as a few ex missionaries shared their testimonies and then my companion also shared his since he left the area! he spent about an hour taking pictures afterwards with everyone, well i should say that i took the pictures and he stood there with the people haha. then we spent Sunday saying goodbye to people and eating alot(i love it down here because whenever its transfers they love to feed us as a way of saying goodbye). This day sure has been fun!!(translation: stressful). We got up at 6 and we were at the bus center at 745. my companion left at 8 and i stayed there till about 930 making sure everyone took off and got there on time and things like that. Then when we left we went and searched all of morelia for a place to cut our hair but for some reason no place was open today. So we wasted about 2 hours doing that and then from 12 to 330 we waited at the bus center for my companion and a few other elders to get here! so yeah today was a whole lot of waiting and waiting and more waiting. Found out that a way they shine shoes down here is by lighting them on fire, ya hear that mom?;) haha anyways transfers. My companion left to uruapan(poor son of a gun was crying about it since he had already been there 6 months.) and im staying here in Tarimbaro and my new companion is Elder Ruiz! so far weve been together about 30 minutes, all the time i spent writing this email haha, so ill have to tell you more about him next week. Hope you all have a great week! Thank you for all the emails and love and prayers you send! Love Elder Griffin 

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