Monday, June 6, 2016

Kaden's response about his last 2 summers and injuries...

Kaden: i think your right about the stubborness haha. its probably whats kept me in the mission. as terrible as times have been, but not right now but in my training, i decided a long time ago that i wasnt gonna go home, and so im just working hard and when things push me around i just push back! thanks for always pushing me mom i think your efforts have really payed off! and dont worry im sure me and my new companion will get along fine! i heard hes kinda crazy but in a good way haha. also heard hes a little cholo( means like a basic mexican, i.e. big rims- little tires, low hangin pants, weird music) so i guess well see how this goes!

Kari: I am kinda nervous for you bud, if he's kinda crazy, remember, it is June 6, 2016.... and you haven't broken a bone or blew up something???  so, that means with your new companion and his "kinda craziness".... DON'T GET HURT THIS SUMMER!!!!!   HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Kaden: Haha i just was talking with Elder Herrmann about that today actually! i said the same thing "dang its june 6th and i havent done anything stupid or broken anything yet" haha im glad that makes you laugh! dont worry ill be fine! like it says in my patriarchal blessing, im blessed that no harm or accident will stop me from acheiving my goals! the lord is watching over me and im trying to be a little smarter than i was at home haha. and crazy to think that a year ago i blew up my hand, and now i have full motion! especially when none of the doctors thought i would! i guess i was just meant to blow expectations haha. dont worry im being obedient so the lord will keep an eye on me, and whatever does happen its all following the great plan the lord has prepared!

My thoughts as I am posting, Kari.
I am in awe every week as I read how much his testimony has grown and to see the perseverance and determination of this boy!  I am so impressed, reading and feeling his spirit through his emails. This boy of mine that has given 100% to making this be the best experience of his life!  He is giving his all as he is serving our Heavenly Father and the people in Mexico!  He is such an example to me to make the most of every situation, good or bad!  It gives me such comfort to know that he is happy and loving the service he is giving! Keep up the great work Kaden!   Love, Kari.

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  1. Amen, Kari!! He is awesome. So happy he and Isaac are out there together.