Monday, June 6, 2016

End of my first transfer in San Jeronimito!

Well ive been here for 6 weeks now! my companion Elder Ramirez is now headed to moroleon, Elder Herrmanns first area! we had to get up at 5 today to catch a bus at 6 so that he could get to zihua by 7 and take a bus to lazaro by 720. we left the house to walk to the bus stop while it was pouring rain too! first time its ever rained and i loved it! sure hope it keeps raining to make everything cooler! so right now im with Elder Juarez as my companion for today, and were with Elder Herrmann and Elder Clifford. My new companions name is Elder Aldana and thats all i really know about him haha! well anyways let me tell you about last week! on monday me and Elder Ramirez decided we wanted to be like jehovas witnesses for a day, so after we ended our pday we set a table up outside our church and put out every pamphlet that we have and a few books of mormons and we waited for people to come! only one lady talked to us in the hour and a half that we were there, and she ended up being a less active member haha. then on tuesday and wednesday i had divisions with Elder Porras! hes really cool and we got along really well, but the divisions went kinda bad just because a whole lot of our plans fell and we were walking a ton to find people to teach and no one was home so that was kinda crappy but its ok we survived and taught a few people and it was fun being with him for divisions. thursday and friday were a little better as far as the work went. we had a few more lessons and a little more success which was nice. since we kinda guessed that we would be having transfers me and Ramirez went and ate at this really good taco place just below our house friday night and that was kinda like a little party for us eating street food haha. but later that night my stomach decided to throw a big fit and i woke up about 430 and had to go to the bathroom bad!!! i dont know if it was the tacos or what i ate that day but i had terrible diahrea and stomach pain! the worst part is that saturday all day long i had stomach pain and we had to start our fast! it was easily the hardest fast ive ever done. me and Ramirez ended up waking up sunday morning at 230 just cuz it was so hot and we were so thirsty that we couldnt sleep. after walking around the house for a bit and playing a game of chess we tried to sleep again at 530 till 630. then we went to the church and had a lesson with an investigator and we ended our fast and im pretty sure i drank about 2 liters of water haha. but man it felt good after! and yesterday we were stuffed! since everyone found out that Elder Ramirez is leaving every appointment we had they fed us food so by the end of the day we were way full haha! oh and another cool side note, ive written in my diary every day that ive been on the mission and ive filled a page each day, and today is the last page that i have in my journal!! 217 days! how crazy! i already have another journal bought and ready to go though haha. and that was this last week! questions, comments, concerns? haha im loving the mission! im way happy and doing amazing and loving the work and all is well in zion! hope all is going well for you all at home! until next week!! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Herrman, Elder Clifford and Elder Griffin, early morning studies!

 Family Home Evening Activity at the church!
 Well ELDER, I cleaned the toilet... GREAT!  Next time could you NOT use my shower brush!
Normal things to find on the streets of Mexico...
Ending their P-day.. Thought they'd be like Jehovah's Witnesses... didn't get them much success....

 Sweet OLD car in the junkyard...

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