Monday, July 4, 2016

July 3, 2016- 8 MONTHS YALL!

Hey everyone!! so yeah this last week was quite hectic to say the least, it definetely had its fair shares of ups and downs. first off after we got done writing last monday we went and ate pizza with two members from the ward in Zihua(because we usually hang out with Elder Clifford and Elder Herrmann on our pdays, like we are right no) that was really fun. one of them is american who is just living in his parents house while their on a mission is what i understand haha. then monday we went to our area and had one lesson and all was good. then tuesday came and we had our district meeting and all was well but then we left at about 1230 after our companion study to go work. we worked like the devil that day trying to visit people, even turning  down invitations from the members to just relax for a minute with them, and we only had one lesson the entire day! and that one lesson was with the person we ate lunch with... to top it off we finally called our only investigator who lives in petatlan(because we work in san jeronimito but live in petatlan) and she said we could come by and visit her. so we hopped on the bus and went right to her house, but right as we got to the corner where she lived we saw her walking away with her aunt and she told us that she was gonna go do excersize with her aunt and so we could pass by another day... so like i told my companion when she walked away all my desires to work did too haha. but guess what! so that night since i was really depressed i did something kinda crazy... i bought a knife! i figured its been about 8 months since i bought a knife and i dont think ive ever gone 8 months before in my life since i turned 8 without buying a knife haha. so that brought my spirits up a bit. Then Wednesday was alot better day! we had a whole bunch of lessons and we worked way hard and that made up for tuesday! we had 4 lessons with a member and 5  with less actives!! so that was really good and really just helped make up for the terrible day we had before. then thursday was a normal day with just a few lessons so it was good. a funny story about thursday though is that we had our weekly planning which usually takes about 3 hours to do, but since were really good we got it done in 1! then after we finished we started cleaning the house because we hadnt cleaned it for about  5 or 6 weeks haha. i got to sweep and while i sweep i have to turn off the fans or else itll just blow the dust everywhere. by the time i had finished sweeping everything i was soaked in sweat! i had to shower again before we could leave i was so sweaty haha! so that was fun. Then Friday was another day that we worked like the devil and we got  lessons with a member and 3 less actives so i was happy about that as well. then saturday we kinda rested a little bit, especially since after we finished eating lunch we started our fast so that was tough as well. then sunday was a regular day with a few lessons and yeah that was this week! seriously a roller coaster of ups and downs here but all is well!! im happy and healthy and im loving life!! i hope everyone who is reading this can also say the same!! Hope you have a great week yall! were a third of the way done until i can see you all again! love you all have a great one!! Love Elder Griffin

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