Monday, July 25, 2016

This last week was a little more chill haha...July 25, 2016

Hey everyone! so my first week as a district leader wasnt too insane, a little stressful honestly just because of all the new things i have to do but its not too bad. Honestly im probably just overstressing myself out about things i dont need to but yeah its all good! anyways i first met my district on tuesday at the bus center in zihua. They are Elder Menchu and Elder Potter. Elder Menchu is from guatamela and hes really cool, and he has about 16 months in the mission. hes just barely leaving the offices(he was a secretary for 6 months) but he is ready to work hard! and Elder Potter is a little interesting haha, but i really like him alot hes funny. Hes from a place close by boise idaho and he has about 15 months in his mission. and so on tuesday we helped them go to their area(pantla) and find their house and we helped them get settled in and since i had been there a few times before i knew where they were gonna eat that day, so after we helped them unpack a bit we walked with them to the food and helped them meet the members and left them in their hands basically! and then on wednesday i gave my first district meeting which went ok i guess. i had each person talk about a christlike attribute and then i talked a little about how those things are what we need to be effective representatives of christ and i ended up having about 15 minutes to spare after i had ended everything i had to say. but it was good though and i think it went ok, at least for my first district meeting! also a cool story from this week is when we visited the branch president he was really sick and wasnt feeling well, so he asked us to give him a blessing and i was the one who sealed the blessing on him! so that was pretty cool as well. and i think the last cool story is that on friday it was my companions birthday, so i threw him a suprised birthday party haha. when we had the family home evening for the branch i asked the branch presidents wife to go buy a cake and gave her a little money and also i had brought alot of decorations that we had in the house(i dont know why but there was alot of birthday decorations at the house, i assume that someone turned 19 who was there before and just didnt use them but i did haha) and she set all of those up in a room and while me and my companion were changing clothes(since we change into sports clothes to play games after) she told everyone to get ready and when i opened up the door and walked into the room he followed me and when he entered they turned on the light and yelled, suprise! so yeah he was pretty happy about that. also an update on the baptism, we didnt baptize our investigador on saturday because the zone leaders told us to wait and see if she comes to church again and to give us more time to prepare her, and she came to church yesterday and weve been preparing her and will continue to prepare her this week so if all goes well we should be having a baptism this week! itll also be cool because ill get to meet my grandfather!(when someone trains someone trainer=dad trainee=son, so grandfather= my trainers trainer and grandson= the trainee of his trainee) if you have questions about that email me and i will explain it better haha, but yeah since im a district leader now the zone leaders have to interview our baptismal candidates and so theyll come here this week and thatll be cool as well! well i hope everyone is doing good and i love you all so much and thank you so much for all of your love and prayers and support because i can definetely feel it! Have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

 The inside of Yaka, peeled and seeded.
 Elder Griffin, Elder Menchu and Elder Potter, Elder Aldana.
 Elder Herrmann and Elder Griffin, District Leaders
 Surprise Feliz Cumpleanos Elder Aldana..

 Coconut Trees as far as your eyes can see...
 My new hair cut today!  Love Elder Griffin

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