Monday, December 12, 2016

The week we didnt work.

Hey everyone! so yeah as bad as the heading sounds its the truth. We hardly worked at all this week, but let me explain why! Monday was normal but Tuesday we had our district meetings and then we had to travel to Guadalajara!  So we weren't able to work at all that day, and Wednesday we had the leadership council in Guadalajara so there was another day without work. Wednesday was awesome though because the leadership council is always sweet, me and my companion had just been really worried about our zone since we hadn't been finding that many new investigators but we went there and talked alot about the dats of the mission and found out that we weren't the only ones that have that problem, so it was stressful, but good.Wednesday was also awesome because i went to the temple again! this time i went with Elder Herrmann, Elder Emery, Elder Horne, and Elder Herrmanns companion, Elder  Novay. so that was super fun to be able to go to the temple with those guys, we also spent alot more time inside the temple than we did last time, which gave me a  chance to be able to feel the spirit immensely and enjoy that time there. After we left we bought Mcdonalds and dairy queen haha. Thursday was boring since i had to go to the very center of  Guadalajara to fill out all of my visa papers, lots of waiting and waiting and more waiting. Just my luck too because all day i was worrying about whether or not we would make it to take our bus that left at 4 o clock, but it didn't even matter because when we got there at 330 the bus was full. I definitely dont have the luck that my dad has thats for sure!;) so we had to wait until 6 to take our bus, more waiting and waiting, and then we didnt get home till 10. Friday was sad because even though we were in our area we didn't get to work since we had weekly planning until 2 in the afternoon, then we had to go to lunch with the members who lived way far away, and then we had english class! Just my luck again because while about 15 people showed up last week only 5 showed up this week. we found out why at the end of the class because we were literally locked in the church because someone closed the door as they left and no one had keys, so when the person with the keys finally got there we opened up the church and i retaught my english class haha. Saturday was awesome but about as stressful as a day can get. The entire zone of missionaries visited the CRIT, which is like a place for kids with special needs. it was really cool because that day they were having like a big event so they invited the church to take some time on stage and we literally got up on stage and sang! it was all the missionaries and the stake choir! so i hope we won the attention of a few people. Then to put the cherry on top of the cake, the same group of missionaries and stake choir saddled up and we went at it again! We went to a commercial center( a mall basically) and set up our piano and started singing again! while some of us were singing others were talking to people and contacting everyone that was walking by. So that was a really cool day but everything was so fast paced and just go go go that it was crazy! And Finally Sunday came! Me and my companion sang a Christmas hymn in sacrament meeting along with the sister missionaries in the ward and about 3 other ex missionaries. Everyone in the crowd was feeling the spirit and you could tell it by the look on their faces! and after church I had never been more excited to work in my life haha! After we ate lunch we had the entire afternoon to go and visit people! we worked for about 4 hours that day, and a total of 8 hours all week long! I really think im changing because i remember when i was in my training i used to long for days that i could just rest, but now all i want to do is be in my area and work! I know this church is true and i love this time of year and how we remember the birth of Jesus Christ! our Savior and redeemer! i hope everyone has a great week and i wish you all a merry Christmas season!! Love Elder Griffin

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