Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016 It's been a stressfilled week, BUT GREAT!

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! So im calling this week stress week since it was probably the most stressful week ive had in a long time, if not in the mission. Monday was stressful because on tuesday there was going to be a training at our church and me and my companion had to plan where all the elders that were coming to morelia were going to sleep, including the assistants who were calling us constantly and while we tried to go to a family home evening they decided to get to our house early and ended up waiting there about 2 hours for us. So that was stressful knowing that i cant let the assistants wait too long and after we left the family home evening that night we literally ran home and got there completely out of breath. then we had the stress of telling all the other elders where to go that same night. I was able to see my good friend Elder Smith though and we chatted a good bit which was great to be with him. More stressful since me and my companion also had about 2 hours worth of time in the training tuesday that we had to prepare and we were really worried that it wasnt gonna turn out well, but thankfully it did. Tuesday night was another stressful experience because we had a meeting planned with the stake president and the mission president at 6, but the mission president told us he would get there late so we went to eat with a member and when we got back to the church both of them were in the office with the door shut. we tried calling them and knocking on the door but ended up waiting outside for about 40 minutes. I promise you i was stressed then haha. Then trying to have one lesson that night since it was all we had time for. Same story on wednesday trying to plan out another part we had in another training in our church on wednesday(when your in the best area of the mission with the nicest church, they tend to do alot of activities there). So yeah it was really stressful planning all of those things out. OH by the way i havent learned common sense yet in case anyone was wondering, because the assistents brought us the flu vaccine to give to the missionaries, and they told me to keep it cool, so i froze them. ( in case you dont know thats a big WHOOPS) more stress haha. Thursday was fun since instead of visiting people, we got to wait at the church and help move valuable items into a safe room since it had been robbed. It was our service for the day haha, we moved all the valuable items that hadnt been taken into a room that they couldnt rob. Friday was normal, we got to finally have a day that we could visit people! saturday was a very funny story, we did another service project by helping a member move from his old house to his new one. well we had to make 3 trips, one for his refrigerator, one for his washing machine, and one for the mattress. It could be considered that his new house was within walking distance of his old one(4 blocks) but not really with those heavy things, so how did we move them? with a skateboard. thats right haha, we moved the fridge and washing machine 4 blocks over really terrible roads with a skateboard haha. Thats a day ill never forget, and then yesterday was pretty good since it was the christmas devocional! the internet went out for half of it so i could only watch half of it but the parts i saw i really liked haha. Then we got to run(literally) again to our next appointment at 840 just to have a lesson for the day. So yeah this last week was pretty stressful, and as much as we wanted to work and visit people we just didnt really have the opportunity to do so. Today was really fun since we had a zone activity where we made ugly sweaters! im pretty sure i won haha. Although i dont think the sisters got the "ugly" part. This next week should be really fun as well since were gonna be in guadalajara 3 days and not be able to work. Thats the life of a zl though! in case anyone was wondering im as happy as can be though!! i love the mission and i love life down here and i know that it doesnt matter whats going on around us that makes us happy its our decision! so i hope you all have a great week and can be happy always! Love Elder Griffin

 Elder Griffin and Elder Horne, Training...

 Sister Lopez, Ward Missionary.  Elder Griffin says she is way funny!

 New Haircut today......

 Ugly sweater contest!

 It's December!

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