Tuesday, April 4, 2017

First week with Elder Ulloa!

Hey everyone! well this week was a pretty great one, but wow have i mentioned that being a zone leader is a little stressful?( if i sound like a broken record its because its the truth haha). This week was awesome but we had alot of things we had to do because of the transfers! All day Monday we were checking to make sure everyone arrived on time and got to their areas on time and everything was good there. On Tuesday i learned the truth behind "you get what you ask for", because i had been asking alot to have sister trainer leaders in this zone to help us out with all the sister missionaries, well with my good luck i got a trio of sister trainer leaders, and since their house only had 2 beds we had to scramble on Tuesday to find a bed for them! luckily we have a few great members here who helped us out with the transport and we got the materials they needed and that was another problem solved. Wednesday we had the district meeting and afterwards we met with the district leaders and talked to them about our vision for the zone this transfer and what we need to do and what we want them to do and planned out our efforts with them. Thursday was a little tough because of weekly planning, anyone that has been on a mission knows that weekly planning is a nightmare, it was even worse this day because the whole mission is basically in pause until the new president gets here, its hard to make plans because we don't really know whats gonna happen with the new mission president, but on Friday we have a leadership council with President Egginton and President Assante, our new mission President! so hopefully that day we will have alot of questions answered. Also on Friday more fun things we had to do was change 2 companionships of missionaries to a new house. We had a few members planned to help us, we thought one was gonna bring a truck but when he showed up with just a little car we were like, "uh oh". thankfully we only had to move suitcases and the stuff the missionaries had so it wasn't too bad. That just took alot of time moving them from one house, then getting the other companionship and moving them to another. BUT the lord always blesses us, and Saturday and Sunday were great blessings! I absolutely loved general conference, i could learn so many great things and i felt the spirit truly testify to me of the truth of everything that those inspired leaders were saying. I know that the Prophet is called of God and that his words are wise words that im going to try and apply them to my life! I was able to watch it in English since we did divisions with another american, and to celebrate a good day Saturday night we bought Dominos pizza haha. Sunday was also a great day to hear more from the General Conference. I am so grateful that we were able to listen directly from Gods Prophet and Apostles! Today we had a fun zone activity, played soccer, I'm getting pretty good at it now actually haha, and ate lots of pizza! this week we get to meet the new president, and on Saturday we have our interviews, whether with the new president or the one who is here right now i don't know, but either way it should be great! i love you all so much and i hope you can all feel the love that God has for each one of you! I hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Griffin said he found "a sweet ride" at one of the members home... it reminded him of his "sweet ride" at home.

 He was way excited to find Twinkies, Sardines and Ritz crackers... ewe!

 P-day... PIZZA!!!!

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