Monday, March 27, 2017

New Transfer, New Companion... still in Tapatio!

Hey everyone! well today are transfers! i hit the jackpot with it as well! I'm still in my same area but my new companion is awesome! His name is Elder Ulloa, he doesnt have alot of time in the mission but he is on the fast track to be the next assistant! Elder Herrmann was his trainer, and ive met him before and talked to him so when i saw the transfers i was very happy! I get to train him on how to be a zone leader, and there were alot of transfers in my zone so this transfer we are going to work hard and make lots of miracles happen! This last week was pretty stressful though, i say that alot right? haha well anyways this week we had divisions on Tuesday and Wednesday. They were pretty good, i stayed in my area with a different missionary and we worked pretty good, alot of plans fell through sadly but the few lessons we did have were really good! Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well we had the special divisions, where both me and my companion went to another area. We got to the house of the missionaries and it was a huge mess. We had told them to clean it the last time we were there but since they didn't do it we got there and started cleaning it for them! (if anyone remembers this is what the assistants did to me one time and it was a lesson i will NEVER forget). Wow was there a different spirit in the house after we cleaned it! Friday i woke up feeling way way sick. We left to work but i slept during the studies in the afternoon because i felt so bad, after that we left again to go to a service project. We got there and we were gonna paint a house, but the other 3 elders painted while i slept because i just felt like i was gonna die haha. Tried taking alot of medicine as well but didn't seem to help, i was sick all day Saturday and Sunday as well but today im feeling better! Its been pretty stressful as well because one of our district leaders decided that he didnt want to work because he was about to go home anyways, so he stayed with the secretaries his last few days and we had to be in charge of his district as well for those days. We got to the Bus station at 7AM and we didn't leave till 1230 when my new companion got there. Haha i love being a zone leader!!!! The best part is that we used to share our ward with a companionship of sister missionaries, but they took them out and now we have the whole ward to ourselves. so now we get to open up a new area pretty much, so i feel like im gonna be getting lost alot this week and im gonna be walking alot, but its gonna be fun! I cant wait for General Conference! i highly suggest that everyone can take the time to watch it! i cant wait to receive all the instruction and advice and i know that if anyone has a question they want answered, if you ask god to answer it and listen to General Conference you will receive an answer! Well thanks so much for all your love and prayers! I'm doing great and i hope that you can all say the same! have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

 Elder Griffin and Elder Ramirez...
 "Family Photo", Elder Reichart, middle, trained Elder Griffin.  So he is the dad, Kaden is the son.  Then Elder Reichart is training Elder Sanchez to be the secretary, so the missionaries call them "Mother and Daughter"...  So, Elder Griffin said, Elder Reichart is a Dad and Mom, then Elder Griffin is the son, and Elder Sanchez is the daughter...  I guess that missionary lingo right there???

 Elder Ulloa is Elder Griffin's new companion.

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  1. Elder Ulloa is a GREAT missionary. He and Kaden will be amazing together!!!