Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Week in Moroleon! August 7, 2017

Hey everyone! well this has been an excellent first week in Moroleon for my companion and I! On Monday we hardly had time to unpack since we got here, ate since we hadn't all day, wrote home and then we did divisions with the members here! i should also mention that our house was filthy when we got there, but think my mom has really gotten to me over the years because all week long we have been trying to clean it little by little and finally got it almost spotless today! (i say almost spotless because were still 20 year old boys and probably wont ever learn how to clean perfectly) anyways Monday night i was in a family home evening with the bishops family, some recent converts and a few investigators, and my companion was in another family home evening with another investigator! all week long we have been walking ALOT, but i mean OH MY GOSH ALOT! haha each day this week we have gotten home dead tired, and each morning it has been harder to get out of bed. our area looks small on the map, but the blocks here are HUGE so getting anywhere does take a little time, but we are slowly getting use to it, just getting to know our area this week sure did take its toll on us haha. We have established a great relationship with the members here as well and especially with the bishop! we are working shoulder to shoulder here in this great work and i think we will being seeing the fruits of that work very soon! Thursday we had the district meetings, that was weird since i haven't given a district meeting in almost a year haha, but its just like riding a bike. during our weekly planning my companion decided to call every single investigator we had registered in our phone to see if they would still like us to visit them, most said no or the number no longer was in use, a few people said yes. there was one person who said that he really needed our help right now and that we called at exactly the right time. his name is jesus antonio and we visited him on Saturday and he told us all about his problems that he is going through and we just shared a little message with him, but he said he was willing to do anything to change his life and he showed up to church the next day and we are going to work alot with him! We have a few other investigators that are golden as well, people that showed up to church on their own and we are getting their baptisms ready in a few weeks but i don't want to jump the gun on anything haha. Church was awesome yesterday because we had 10 investigators in sacrament meeting! thats a personal record for me in my entire mission! that pumped both my companion and i up alot to get working here! and yeah that was pretty much our week. to give you a little more info on my companion, well he has the same time as me in the mission so we just might be opening and closing this area together haha. he is from mazatlan sinaloa and so far we have gotten along pretty good this week and have worked well together! today we played pool in a place we found here in the town square(its easy to find pool tables here, but dang near impossible to find ones that don't have people drinking and smoking and with bad music). and more information about my area, they make more clothes here than i can believe haha, our own bishop even said this town is the town of piracy(i think thats how you spell it) because everything is pirated and fake down here haha, but everyone works in the clothes factory's or printing clothes or something that has to do with clothes. so its all really cheap here! oh and the food here is also great, the traditional food of moroleon is this thing called a huarache, its like a huge taco with lots of meat and tons of cheese, and then you can put salsa and whatever else you wanna throw on it. also there are tons of places to eat at nights, unlike my last area that hardly had any taco stands(and this is mexico people, there should be taco stands in every corner). so like i said we've worked really hard this week and we are enjoying every minute of it! I hope you all can have a great week as well enjoy whatever you are doing! have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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