Sunday, August 6, 2017


Hey everyone. well i cant really say a whole lot about last week since me and my companion didnt really do anything haha. the only thing we did besides just the normal work in our area was we went to the farthest area in our zone to do a baptismal interview. That was pretty cool because we went to a little teeny tiny town where the people spoke a different dialect haha, but it was cool to see the culture that was there and the traditional mexican life style, and the food was great too! hand made tortillas, not the machine made ones that everyone normally buys. Besides that me and my companion Elder Rojas just worked in our area normally this week and sorry to say nothing super spectacular happened haha. Only that on saturday we got some long awaited news about our transfers! And you will never guess where i am at! MOROLEON! Thats right im back in The aeropuerto stake! just an hour from morelia! this was some very unexpected news, but hey im here haha. my new companion is Elder Jimenez and he seems like a pretty cool guy so far, ive only known him for about 6 hours though haha. this area is super pretty and the bishop is awesome! he picked us up from the bus center and took us home and he was just telling us how he has lots of plans to work and he said that we have alot of baptisms coming up so thats good news! actually tonight me and my companion will be splitting up to go to a few family home evenings with some of the members and investigators here! its awesome! so yeah im excited to be here, ill probably end my mission here since i just have this transfer then one more. OH, btw, im no longer a zone leader, im just a district leader now. i was hoping to train my last two transfers since i had never done that but i guess it just wasnt in my cards to train, oh well not a whole lot i can do about it now! just am gonna get to work and do the best i can in this area and ill let you all know how it goes next monday! love you all thanks for all your love and support! have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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