Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi everybody! well not a whole lot to say about this last week either. although in zamora(a city about an hour and a half away) their burning buses and stores and rioting and who knows why but the last few days we had to be home before 8, and now its no later than 9, and the rule usually is no later than 930. so yeah thats kinda interesting! but like my subject line says hopefully this will be my last week here! transfers are going to be on monday and ive been here since my training which will make it 4 and a half months! i would really like to get to see another area but i guess we will see where the lord sends me! the work here is still slow but its getting better, the ward is slowly starting to work better and were trying to work with them and help them progress. also we had the bishop make an announcement yesterday in sacremement that if anyone needs any type of service or help to contact the missionaries! so hopefully we will get to help people out this next week and hopefully something good comes from it! im doing better than last week, i was just a little discouraged and dissapointed that we werent doing more but i know that if i just do what is asked of me the lord will use me in a way that he knows best! well hopefully next monday ill be writing from a different area haha!:) and i wish you all a good week and i hope that all is well with each and every one of you! Love Elder Griffin.

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