Monday, April 4, 2016

Good afternoon to everyone! wow its so crazy to think that i havent been in the united states for 5 months! crazy to think that ive been out here for 5 months! i tell you what this definetely isnt what i thought it would be haha! but yeah its been a good ride, and i still got alot to go haha. anyways this past week has been pretty good! went by really fast too i though! we had a zone conference on thursday that took up most of the day, our weekly planning session was really long as well on friday, and then we had general conference on saturday and sunday! so yeah we didnt work a whole lot this week but we sure had a lot of spiritual experiences and good times! also i finally ate my birthday cake haha! the sister that we live with made us a cake using the mix that my family sent me so that was good haha! also i finally ate a hamburger here! something that i havent ate since i left the mtc! so yeah you could say i was pretty happy when i got served hamburgers haha. we spent basically all day saturday in the church, and just a little bit less on sunday. i didnt wanna leave either days just because i knew i was gonna lose the spirit that i had and i really didnt want that to happen. but like elder holland gave in his closing remarks we have to come back to earth after celestial experiences! and the great thing about this gospel is that we get credit for trying! were not gonna be perfect but as long as we keep trying god will help us and bless us! also i should say that i got to watch conference in english with 2 other elders, and we were all waiting for elder holland to come on! when president uchtdorf got up at the end we thought he was gonna close the conference and so we were all really sad, but when he announced that elder holland would be the concluding speaker we all literally jumped up from our seats and shouted! we said we were happier about that then if we had been watching a football game haha, kinda weird how things change like that. also last week as me and my companion were walking we found a pool hall! we had found others earlier but they were more or less bars so we couldnt play there, but this one is like a public center! so me and my companion and the two other elders in la piedad played pool for an hour today! so yeah this past week has been a pretty good one i would say! im really grateful i have this opportunity to serve and that i get to bless and change lives, while having my life and everyone that i care about be blessed at the same time! may god watch over you all and ill write next week! Love Elder Griffin

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