Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey everybody! so not a whole lot happened this week either haha. sadly this area has absolutely no progress because the ward is falling apart and the members don't help and the bishop is terrible and everyone is pretty much less active or inactive. but I'm pushing through it! just two more weeks here too and hopefully they'll transfer me after that. but don't worry I'm doing good! me and my companion are still getting along pretty good thankfully, and were both trying to work hard but no one wants to come to church and no one wants to be baptized. we almost had a baptism on Saturday but when we checked with them Friday night to see if they were ready they said they wouldn't be able to. the husband of the sister we were gonna baptized got shot at! so they had to go to zamora and travel to identify who it was that shot at them or something like that. just my luck right haha? but besides that im doing pretty good. also just wanted to say again that i dont have alot of time to write so if there are weeks like today that i wont be able to write everyone im sorry! also today we had a way fun activity as a zone for our p day! we played captured the flag and soccer and had obstacle courses and lots of fun things like that! my neck is way burnt though because usually I'm in a white shirt with a collar not just a regular tshirt haha. well thats it for this week i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

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