Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another beautiful week here in San Jeronimito!!

Hey everyone! well everything is still going great down here like always haha! so one awesome thing is that me and my companion have been together 5 weeks now and we havent had one single fight! thats basically a miracle haha! also this past week we had really great numbers which im really happy about! we are working really hard here and even though im tired at the end of every day god is helping me push through! one day this week we had a bunch of appointments! in one day we ended up having 5 lessons with a member present and 5 lessons with less active! me and my companion were dead tired at the end of that day but we were so happy as well because we knew that we had worked hard and that it had payed off! another fine example of god helping us push through is that on saturday we gave service to a couple here in the branch. we helped them cut their grass and basically just clean up their yard a bit. but they do things a little different here, they cut the grass with machetes and its not normal grass haha. this grass was a bugger to cut and we spent almost an hour straight of just chopping and hacking at this thick stuff and trying to pull it up. we also ended up finding a big cement block which ended up being a thing that they use down here to wash dishes and clothes in that they didnt even know they had! after we cut the grass we took a break and drank some cold sodas they gave us and then we spent another 15 minutes moving that heavy block to where they wanted it and lifting it up into place. ive never been so sweaty before in my life, and thats saying something since i wrestled! it was good though. we ended up going home and showering and changing before our last appointment of the day just because we were both soaked and dirty! im loving it down here though! im really happy to be out here and even today was awesome! we went to zihua and went and ate with a member there with the 4 other elders from zihua! he cooked some way good food and it was great to hang out with Elder Herrmann and some other elders as well! So no worries all is well in Mexico and i just hope that all is going good at home! love you all! Love Elder Griffin

   He is still really happy and doing pretty good!

 Look... 3 fingers in the neck space...  Think he's lost a little more weight?

 He said, " I can even put my chin in my shirt now!"

Kaden seems to be doing great amidst his hot and humid weather....

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