Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12,2016. Another week down... Week #2 with Elder H.

Hey everybody! so for anyone that was worried about me last week that heard about the struggles ive been having or could just sense them from the email i sent, i just wanted to say no worries! All is well and i was just having a rough moment but everything is good now, thanks for all of your love and prayers they sure did help! Anyways let me tell you a little bit about this week. Im really trying to help my companion since hes not excatly the most obedient or diligent missionary. We decide that we need to be alot more diligent in everything and that we can always improve our obedience. as we really focused on obedience and diligence in the district meeting i set goals with my district about things we would do to improve or change. and my companion put down that he wanted to be more diligent! so tuesday and wednesday we went out and we were alot more diligent in everything! usually when plans or appointments fall i try visiting other people that live close by or even kinda farther, well rather than do that and waste time we started knocking on doors for about the first time ive done that in 2 months. this is when the tender mercies of the lord came in. On tuesday as we were knocking on doors and started to get a little discouraged because we really had nothing to do, the branch president called us and asked if we could do divisions with him and a member of the stake high counsel! that was truly a tender mercy from god that boosted our spirits. Another one was on Wednesday when we had only 2 lessons in the morning and then after we ate lunch we tried visiting everyone we had planned and none of them were home! thankfully we had an appointment at 730 with the family that lives at the military base. That was awesome to visit them and just see the desires that this kid has to be baptized. He even asked us what he can do and what he can read to prepare, so it was awesome. Then we had heard that a less active family also lived on the base so we asked the people we were visiting about them and they said that they live right below! so we knocked on the door and wow was the lady suprised who opened the door haha! i could just see her eyes get big when she saw us, it was really funny. But thankfully they let us in and we talked to them as well! its a family of a mom and the dad who is in the military with two cute little girls! we talked to just the parents for a bit about everything like who they are, how long theyve been members, and why they havent come to church and whats stopping them and all that. We ended up teaching the whole family about the love of god and the presence of the spirit there was undeniable. the dad started crying and the mom teared up as well. They told us they would come to church but sadly they didnt, were visiting them tonight and hopefully we can help them even more! So this next week that is coming up we are going to try to be even more diligent! and work harder and longer and im sure well see even more tender mercies of the lord! also here in mexico i dont know if ive told you all about this but they have this food called pastor tacos (tacos al pastor) and these things are the bomb! 5 tacos for 20 pesos! well friday since the food canceled on us and just gave us money instead we went for these special guys! i ate 15 tacos and i had very many regrets later haha. but theyre tasty and i just felt like sharing that with you all. Well thanks again everyone for your love and support! life down here is good! its not perfect but thats ok because how boring would it be if it was! I love you all and i hope all is well and i wish you all the best! Love Elder Griffin

Study time...

Dinner....  Taco Friday...  I ate 15 Tacos and my stomach wasn't very happy with me...

Steamed Vegetables, Chicken and rice...  Reminded me of HOME!

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