Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016. Week one with Elder Hernandez...

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty normal I would say. We had a few good lessons and a few bad ones, a few good days with lots of lesson and a few days that I thought God himself didn't want us to have success. My new companion is Elder Hernandez, he is from Sinaloa. All of his family are members and he even has an older brother that served a mission as well. He has 6 months in the mission, hes not super obedient but I'm gonna try and help him with that. hes just a little distracted with things he shouldn't be and doesn't want to obey alot of the rules, but I'm going to talk to him and were going to work together to help him. We get along pretty well though. So a cool thing that happened this week.... Saturday night we visited a family... In a military base! That was cool haha. the parents are members and the dad works for the army, and they have two kids, a 7 year old girl and a ten year old boy. were going to work with them so that the dad can progress in the priesthood and that he can also baptize his son. Now its time for a rant. So it was raining a little saturday night and a little harder on sunday morning, it wasn't that stormy or anything just was alot of rain, well right as we got to the church sunday morning our branch president called us and told us that we wouldn't be having church today because of the rain... so that kinda made me feel real bad. We still went out and worked that day and got our shoes and feet soaking wet visiting people, but fast sunday as I am fasting and using all the patience I can, I didn't even get to take the sacrament. So I'm a little upset that people don't truly understand the importance of that. But I'm going to just work harder this week and hope that all will get better! So yeah that's about it for this week. Sorry it was short. hopefully this week will be more interesting haha!! Love you all! Thanks for all of your love and support! Have a great week! Love Elder Griffin!

September 2016

Elder Griffin and Elder Hernandez

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