Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016....

Hey everyone! Well this week was pretty good, kinda boring, kinda tough, kinda eventful all at the same time haha. monday was a good day last week since we went to the ruins outside of my area and that night me and my companion talked about how we can help him be more obedient and more diligent. so this week me and him have been getting up on time together and doing excersize together as well! its been great! the week sure was a hot one though! the sun just does not give up down here! but thats ok because neither do i! Were really excited because this week were going to have a baptism! were really happy with this because its basically a golden opportunity. His name Is Jonothan and Hes a 10 year old boy that really just loves the church and really wants to be baptized and even wants to serve a mission! hes been asking us alot about what he can do to prepare for a mission and things like that and were just so happy! his parents are less actives but theyve come to church 5 weeks in a row now! the dad is military so its really fun visiting them in the military base haha. Were just really happy because the family is really united and the parents are also fortifying their testimonies as well as Jonathan. Yesterday he gave the closing prayer in sacrament meeting and he did a great job! and even better than that, as he came down his dad was silenty clapping his hands and gave him a thumbs up and told him good job! so its just great to see this family progressing and to see how united they are. This week was pretty normal besides that as far as work goes. Saturday was a real treat though! Friday night we traveled to Lazaro and we ended up staying with the zone leaders, the problem is that they just barely changed houses and i had no idea where they lived! to make a long story short i misheard the instructions and we got lost in the middle of Lazaro Cardenas after taking a little Comvi( the little transportation mini buses they use here). and once we realized that we took a taxi to the zone leaders house. so that tested my patience a bit and i got a little down for that, especially since it was late and i was really tired. the next day we had to get up at 330!!! we took a bus from lazaro to uruapan and got to the church there at 9 and started our zone conference at 10! while i felt down before i left there just pumped to go to work!! the zone leaders messages were amazing and the president as well and we talked about so many good things and just motivated us to be better and to work harder and really just forget ourselves in this great work in order to be happy!! so i liked it and it helped alot with how i was feeling at that point. That sure was a long day though because at 4 we left uruapan and got to lazaro just right before 8 and our bus left at 8 oclock! we didnt get home to our house in peta until 1045! needless to say i was tired, i have been tired, and i am tired right now haha. Especially because today we had a zone activity here in Lazaro! we played with water balloons throwing them at everyone and playing soccer, but man did i do alot of running under that hot sun haha! and i dont know why but we did alot of wrestling that day as well haha, thats something i hadnt done in a while and it just made me realize how out of shape that i am haha! Right now i am still in Lazaro with the zone leaders since im about to do divisions with them. I get to be with my old companion Elder Ramirez again! so it should be fun. Im also really looking forward to General Conference and the baptism on saturday! well i miss you all and love you all lots! have a great week like always! Love Elder Griffin

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  1. Kaden looks and sounds great, Kari! Loved his story about the 10 year old giving the prayer with his dad cheering him on. What a blessing missions are for our boys and the people they serve:)