Monday, November 14, 2016

I love the mission!! November 14, 2016

Hey everyone!! so this week has been another absolutely awesome week!! On Tuesday we traveled to Guadalajara and we went to the temple! at first i was worried we weren't gonna be able to enter since my companion forgot his recommend(just my luck right?) but then we had good luck and they were able to look up his records and all went well!! The temple is really small honestly haha, but of course like any temple it was so beautiful and magnificent and i loved the feeling i felt while i was inside!! i really wish i could go every month, but sadly we can only go 4 times on the mission, so im going to use the other 3 visits i have wisely. Then afterward the temple to keep the good feelings going me and my companion went to dairy queen haha, good stuff right there. Then that night since zone leaders are crazy(i can testify of this since im one of them) we spent 660 pesos and bought 2 kilos( about 4.4 pounds) of taco meat! man that was a good night haha. i love the mission for so many reasons i cant count!!! Wednesday was cool since we had the leadership council, man those things are really long though haha. just confirms the fact that i could not have an office job and be sitting all day. I do have a sad announcement though, ive always apologized in advance in case i dont get to write everyone in a week, but now i mean it because the president has put a new rule that we cannot write for longer than 2 and a half hours, and before we didn't have that rule, so again, i apologize in advance haha. Another story of "just my luck" coming home that night our bus broke down haha. so instead of getting home at 12 like we had hoped which would have been "early", we got home at 115 in the morning. its safe to say im a tired missionary haha. Then Thursday was a long day since we were tired haha. Friday we had divisions with some other elders here and that was alright. And yesterday we had the chance to listen to Elder Russell M. Nelson talk to all of mexico, IN SPANISH!! He spoke pretty good spanish honestly it was so cool! it was a very special area conference for all of mexico and they basically told everyone down here to be self sufficient and keep the commandments. So that was a really cool conference as well! the stake presidency is seriously the best here, because for the new Christmas video and initiative they are going to help us out 100% with lots of cool activities and supporting us by telling the members to help and its just so great to have them helping us out! and then today we had a fun zone activity! we played soccer, and then some little minigames i guess you could call them, and then we started playing kickball, but it ended after a sister missionary got hit in the face with the ball haha. tomorrow were going to have a zone meeting which im pumped for and then a week without distractions so we can work at full speed! well thats a small summary of the mission for ya! and im loving it 100% and im so happy to be here!! Thanks everyone for all of your love and support and prayers! they mean the world to me! have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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