Monday, November 7, 2016

We broke the RECORD!!!!! November 7, 2016

Hey everyone! so yeah I'm pretty happy about this last week as well since we broke the record, again, for the most lessons in a week haha, we got 52 lessons this past week! which is a miracle considering that it was 3 days of holidays down here and that we did divisions. besides that not alot happened this week. We did divisions with one of the district leaders here, my companion went to his area and his companion came here to work with me. hes also training right now and hes training an american who barely had 3 weeks in the mission haha, so it was fun to be with him and just remember how green I used to be (I still am by the way). so that was fun. Besides that we just worked and worked and worked this week. saturday we had a "big bang". 6 companionships went to one area saturday morning and worked there for 2 and a half hours. the area I went to had a list of 18 persons to visit. the first family I visited were members and they were cool and accepted us and we had an awesome lesson with them. the 17 other people on the list weren't home, didn't live there, or rudely rejected us haha. just my luck right? it was fun though. then Sunday was cool because we got to the church and planned on helping out at the missionary preparation class like we usually do, but instead the stake president asked for our help because they were having a seminar with all the bishops. I ended up going to visit a family with 2 bishops that I had no clue who they were haha, and my companion went with two other bishops. We had a way cool lesson with the bishops and the family we visited, then as we left we started talking to people in the street which was way cool too! so yeah not a whole lot happened this week, I'm just really happy for how much were working and how well everything is going! Today was really fun as well. Since everyone in the zone met the goals of getting 50 lessons in a week, we all went to a buffet called sirloin stockade! it was awesome since the stake president paid for everyone. i filled myself so full of food i could barely walk out the doors haha. I got so full it hurt! but it was awesome and fun to be there with the whole zone and reap the rewards of hard work haha. another happy story, this week i finally found mountain dew! i have searched for a year and i finally found it! I bought all the store had haha, only 16 cans but it was so worth it. this week to come should allow us to rest a bit. tomorrow I'm going to the temple finally! that will be fun. wednesday we have leadership counsel and then a regular week from there. Well thats all for this week folks! I love this mission and I love this gospel and I love each and every one of you and I hope you all have a great week and may the lord guide you in all things! have a great week!! Love Elder Griffin

 November 2016...  Kaden wrote to Kari: I love you too so very much!! Its easy to forget myself in this great work and be happy because I know that the Lord is watching over you all!! thanks mom again for all of your love and support! I'm so glad to hear that you are all so very blessed! I know I'm blessed with the opportunity I have to be on this mission!  I love you all and miss you all so very much!!

Stake President rewarded us for reaching our goal, 50 lessons with each companionship!

 And... then the Stake President drove us home!~~~
I've been on my mission for one whole year and I finally found Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper, so I rewarded myself....  It's a great week!!!!

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