Monday, November 28, 2016

Baptism in Tarimbaro... November 28, 2016

Hey Everyone! so this week was Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper sweet!! we have been once again working like angels( we dont work like devils because thats bad haha). We were able to meet the goal once again of 50 lessons!! so we have been working really really hard this week! and on top of that we had a baptism!! it was so crazy too! we put the goal last week of having a baptism, but honestly we didnt have alot of faith and didnt think it was gonna happen just cuz its been really hard to find this investigator at home so we havent been able to teach alot! but we visited her EVERY SINGLE DAY and we really pumped her up for her baptism and IT HAPPENED!! Her Name is Maria Elena Vazquez Torres, Shes a really nice lady, her son is actually on a mission right now! before she got baptized her son was the only member of the family. Her husband said he doesnt wanna change, but were gonna work some magic on him and see if we cant get him in the waters as well;) she has two more daughters as well(the little girl in the picture is her granddaughter) so were going to keep working with the whole family. The baptism was a little stressful because like typical people down here, the baptism started at 7, and at 7 oclock only our investigator with her family and me and my companion were in the church haha. eventually our ward mission leader showed up and then another family showed up to help us out with a few things and finally the sister missionaries showed up with another family. so the baptism had a small turnout but we started at 745 and it was great! After her baptism she shared her testimony, and she talked about how a long time ago she prayed for a change in her life because her family wasnt doing good and they were in some bad things. Then she talked about how her son was baptized and now she is too and also how she hopes that her husband and daughters will one day be baptized and that they can be an eternal family!! so me and my companion are really happy about that! and i was able to confirm her in sacrement meeting the next day! Besides that not a whole lot happened this week, just alot of work! If anyone remembers Elder Menchu from my last area, he is with me again! hes training a new elder in our zone and so im happy to get to work with him again and tuesday night they arrived at our house and we were able to welcome them to the zone! Thanksgiving here was pretty good! in case you didnt know they dont celebrate it here in Mexico, but i was able to have a Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with a family that used to live in the States. It wasnt a full blown thanksgiving dinner like im used to, but i sure am grateful for what we were able to do!! and then finally we had divisions this week with one of the district leaders and that went really well!! So yeah thats about it for this week! this next week should be great as well since we get to give alot of trainings and meetings and i should be seeing alot of old friends this week! Im loving the mission and i love life and i couldnt be happier!! thanks for all of your emails and i hope you all have a great week!! Love Elder Griffin

Elder Menchu, Elder Griffin, Elder Bocanegra, Elder ????  New trainee...

 Elder Griffin and Elder Bocanegra- "the only Baptism in the whole mission this week!"

Mission Baptism...

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