Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 2 in Tapatio... February 27, 2017

Hey everyone! well this was another great week here in the big city of Guadalajara!! Tuesday we had our zone meeting and that went alright haha, just in this zone the missionaries kinda do what they want so one companionship showed up a half hour late and we had to wait for them and yeah... kinda stressful but oh well! Then Wednesday we had our interviews with the president and same story haha, usually us as zone leaders go at the very end but since the same companionship didn't show up we went at first. President Egginton basically told me sorry for taking me out of the paradise of missionary work haha, then he asked how i had been doing in this new area and we talked alot about the zone and the missionaries and yeah. Its always great talking to him! we were in the offices basically all day because when we are in Guadalajara all the missionaries have their interviews in the offices. That night we had a meeting with our stake president and President Egginton, after which President Egginton gave us a ride home to our house. I thought he was just gonna leave us outside the house like usual but this time he decided he wanted to see the house! O.O haha needless to say i started worrying about every little thing, the house was pretty clean actually, he just checked out the house because it used to be the sister missionaries house but they left because "they didn't feel good". I've felt normal and the president just wanted to check that. Thursday we started the new missionary schedule! now in our mission we get up at 7am, have more time to prepare ourselves and do our exercise in the morning, then we have daily planning in the morning instead of at night which is great so we can just come home at nights and get to bed. Also now we can go to bed at 10 if we want! or if we need more time we can stay awake till 11 to do a few more things. So yeah its been a little different adjusting to this new scheduled, mainly because im so used to getting up at 630 that my body has been getting up at that time every day haha. Friday we did divisions with some Elders in the zone, i got the chance to be with a brand new missionary from Snowville! it was kinda different just to see how i must've been in my training not knowing a whole lot and especially not knowing spanish haha. Then we had church on Sunday! Today we had a zone activity and went and played soccer and volleyball and capture the flag and had fun doing that! oh and the biggest announcement of all, OUR PDAY IS LONGER! it used to start at 1030 and end at 6, now it starts at 830 and ends at 630! its awesome! were all really happy about that haha. Everything is going great here! there are really alot of difficulties and just lots of problems here in this area, this ward, the stake and especially the zone. But were giving it all that we got and i know well be blessed for our efforts! I hope everyone has a great week and can feel the happiness that i feel every day! Love you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

My House that the sisters didn't feel good in???

 i actually cut 2 inches off my belt!!

Zone meeting...


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