Monday, February 6, 2017

A Week of, of, well lots of things!!!

Hey everyone! this last week was awesome!!! so many things happened and everything was so fast paced, i cant even believe how fast this last month has gone by either! it seems like just the other day it was january 1st, were working as hard as we can here and i think thats why time is going by so gosh dang fast! Monday and tuesday were pretty normal as far as the work goes, were really struggling to find people who are willing to listen to us, and its even harder finding people who are willing to come to church and change their lives. But we are doing all we can and we know the lord will bless us! Wednesday was awesome because we had the multizone conference with Elder Valezuela! He came and talked to us alot about the 4 new indicators that we have as missionaries. He focused ALOT on the importance of finding new investigators, having them come to church, how to help them accept a baptismal date, and lastly and most importantly baptisms! he really helped us understand how we can work to have more baptisms and told us that we can baptize alot more than we are right now! Thursday was really really fun! we helped set up the church again for the same conference but different zones! I saw alot of old mission buddies that i hadnt seen in a while, including Elder Ashford! i finally met my cousin haha! that was really fun and it was great to see ex companions and old friends. After the conference got over for them Elder Ramirez and Elder Corona stayed with us rather than go all the way back to lazaro. So that day i got to be in divisions with Elder Ramirez!! like always it was great to be with him and he even made the comment that we need to be companions again haha. So it was  a fun day being with them and also all day friday we were with them since they stayed at our house, planned with us the next day and traveled to Guadalajara with us! I tell you what traveling here just gets more stressful and more stressful! we almost didnt get a bus ticket because the buses almost filled up! but luckily all went well and we got to Guadalajara about 930 at night. Saturday we had the leadership council as well with Elder Valenzuela and he just told us that we have to teach the missionaries how they can work better with the 4 new key indicators and we have to teach them and train them and help them alot! by some miracle we got over at 1230(normally it gets over at 3 or 4), so we ate hamburgers by the mission offices with a few other elders and traveled later that day! same story with the buses, i knew that they were going to fill up so we got there an hour early to buy our bus tickets, when the other missionaries got there only 20 minutes before, the bus had already filled up! So again thankfully we got home at about 9 that night, just perfect time to get ready for bed! And of course sunday, but not just any sunday, superbowl sunday!! haha the only reason i knew it was the superbowl was because a family that used to live in the US invited us to their house to eat that night. Basically they invited us to their superbowl party, but we just kept our eyes on the food haha. Im Pretty sure i ate more than a pound of steak, and they also had cream soda and dr pepper! those reaaaaally hit the spot haha! Also just an update on Laura, she is doing awesome and her kids are doing great as well, they always want to say the prayers and they are always so happy to see us and its such a blessing to have been able to have helped a great family like them! Today was a pretty fun pday, we went to the most high class shopping mall in all of morelia! Its called altozano and that place reminded me of city creek center it was so nice! we went there and even found an ihop! we went in to eat, and then saw the prices and walked out haha, it was pretty sad. But we found a carls jr after and that made up for it! It really made me think i was in the US it was so nice! But thats about it for this week! if a miracle happens( and we hope it does) well have another baptism this week. Also transfers are next week and i really hope i stay here another transfer as i love this area and it has easily been my favorite area, but i will go where the lord wants me to go! I just want to thank you all for the love and support you all send and for your prayers! I love this gospel and i love the opportunity i have to be on the mission! I cant believe how much ive changed and whats even better is to be able to see the way the gospel changes the lives of others! I hope you all have a great week and may god be with you! Love Elder Griffin

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