Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 4...

Hey everyone! well this week went by pretty darn fast! honestly me and my companion had a really rough week, but i mean a REALLY rough week! We had lots of plans of people to visit every day, but it just seemed like no one was home this week! we tried working with the members and we tried visiting new people and none of that seemed to work out for us. We also spent a large portion of our time this week getting ready for the multi zone conference! we spent alot of time making a triangle representation of our 4 key indicators as missionarys, and that took every drop of creativity i had in me to make it! We also had to take time out of our area to go to another ward for a seminary activity and help the missionaries with that over there. IT was pretty fun but again it did take time out of our area. Friday was the real stress day as we had to finalize every little detail of the zone conference. Neither me nor my companion could sleep that night haha, we were both wide awake at 5 am because of how stressed we were! Thankfully everything went well! all the missionaries arrived early, we even made mission history and started a zone conference EARLY! (That literally has never happened in this mission haha). The assistents even sent us a message that night saying that they were really impressed with everything, so i think we did a good job haha. Sunday was definetely a rewarding day though, every house we went to gave us something to eat haha! one house we went to was having a birthday party and gave us food, another one gave us milk and cookies, another one gave us some rice and chicken, and another one gave us cake and yeah that was a good day haha, lots of rewards for our hard work we had done this week! Today me and my  companion went to the center of Guadalajara! we went to a big market that sells almost everything! i bought myself a few toys needless to say haha, although because of just how packed it was inside and all the bright lights and loud noises, Both me and my companion left with headaches haha. OK well i have a big announcement! For anyone that didnt know Sister Egginton( Mission presidents wife) has been really sick for awhile and shes actually been in the US trying to recover. Yesterday we barely found out that we will be recieving a new president! His name is President asante, we dont know anything about him except that he will be here next transfer, which is march 27th. So yeah thats gonna be a really big change! ME and my companion are still working hard and are trying to do everything we can to help this area, its a VERY tough area, i guess thats why god put me here! still loving the mission and i am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be here! i hope you all have a great week as well! Love Elder Griffin

 Rewarded himself with a few trinkets!

 Multi Zone Conference...

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