Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 Week 3 in Tapatio...

Hey everyone! well this week was pretty good! Tuesday we had divisions again with another companionship in the zone, and again i got to be with a new greenie american missionary haha. I think its kinda funny always being with them and just seeing how I was about 13 months ago. I got to be with Elder Hall and I was able to help him out alot and teach him a few things and we also had lots of fun and yeah it was great! We also got to eat huge pizzas for our lunch( i love Guadalajara because the pizza here is so much better). Then Thursday was a pretty normal day. Friday was pretty great since we had the chance to go do a baptismal interview for an investigator that other missionaries had been teaching. i was able to be the one to interview him. I love this work so much because I truly love and am always amazed by the changes in peoples lives. Talking to this man truly made my heart swell because of how he had felt the love of the lord in his life and because of the great changes he had made and just how happy and grateful he was for this gospel. Saturday we visited a less active family and guess what mom? my knowledge of video games finally became useful haha! we had visited this family alot and the dad has always accepted us and listened to us but he never seemed to really care. Well we started talking about video games a bit since he really likes them as well and he opened right up! (just wanted to share that mom to say that ALL that time wasn't wasted haha;) ). But i think by far the coolest thing that happened this week was a new investigator we found. Actually we found this family last Sunday, The mom is a member, less active, and her kids and husband arent members. Her parents introduced us to her last week and we just taught her and her son since her husband wasn't there. Well they showed up to church yesterday and we visited them again last night and taught the husband this time. It was amazing just to see how prepared he was to listen to us, he broke down crying because he knew he wasn't setting a good example for his kids(drinking and smoking), and wanted his kids to be more like their grandparents(really great people and active members). Well after one powerful lesson he promised to come to church this week and read the book of Mormon and leave behind everything bad that he was doing! We set a baptismal date for him and his son, and i really hope to see their progress soon! me and my companion left with a powerful conviction that they would be baptized, and were gonna do everything to help them reach that goal. I know that god lives and he loves each and every one of us! I have felt his love more than once and I know he answers our prayers in his way and in his time. Today me and my companion along with Elder Rojas and Elder McGary went to a way cool house! a family was having a get together so they invited us and we spent the whole day playing soccer, pool, and most importantly eating haha. Im starting to learn my area a little better and slowly we are starting to work more and more with the members. This week is going to go by way fast since we have to prepare for a multizone conference, and we have lots of activities almost every night this week! I love the mission and I love this work! I know this church is true! and i thank god every day for the opportunity i have to be a missionary! I wish you all well! I hope each one of you has a great week! Love Elder Griffin

 Elder Griffin in the Mototaxi. he said its a motorcycle taxi???

 Lucky March!
New mask...  playtime...

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