Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Well this week was pretty hard and pretty long. We had alot of our investigators and people we had appointments with drop them or not show up, so we didn’t get to teach alot this week but we did alot of walking to and from appointments. We tried just talking to people in the park on saturday because we really need new investigators but that didn’t yield any results. we didn’t have the baptism we were expecting on saturday because her parents told her no. she’s 18 and can make the decision if she wants but we don’t want to tear a family apart or cause problems so were going to wait. then sunday morning we got to church two hours early to teach a guy that showed up last week before crying saying he wanted to change his life... and he never showed up... then our family that’s been progressing really good didn’t show up to church either. and in this mission its a rule that they have to attend church 5 times before we can baptize them. and so now instead of baptizing them on my birthday like I had hoped too we have to move their date back  a week. so yeah its been kindof a tough week but no worries I’m doing good and ill just keep pushing through! Really looking forward to tomorrow because I’m expecting some packages so hopefully I get those haha. but besides that not alot new this week.  me and the companion are still getting along, i don’t know what happened either he changed or i just learned alot of patience, i think the latter haha. and yes i am so ready for a transfer, even though I’m getting along with him I’m still ready for a change… haha. the spanish is still coming! each day i get better and better at it! no plans for this week just a whole lot of working and maybe well have a baptism on saturday but i guess well see.  i have been feeling ok i guess, i haven’t gotten sick but I’ve felt a little under the weather at times but I’m fine. my companion though is either on the edge of dying, or just is trying to get attention because he’s pretty sick right now, he’s just sick, his throat hurts and he’s got a runny nose and a headache but i think he’ll be ok. He asked me to give him a blessing yesterday too so hopefully that will help. oh another cool thing that happened yesterday was after lunch a member was showing us pictures from his mission and he showed me all the people in his mission and one of them was Benjamin Floyd Salisbury!! i don’t remember him at all but I’m guessing its floyd salisburys son and tylers brother? but yeah that was cool cuz it said his name and newton utah!! also another thing that happened last week i forgot to tell you about is i almost lost my coin! you know the one that troy and jennifer gave to me? Well i always keep it in my pocket but it fell out one day! Luckily it was at a members house and i have it now but i don’t keep it in my pocket anymore but its always in my bag so yeah. I’m learning to love the people down here and i am having a good time thank you! I’m glad that you get to see me a little bit on facebook! I’m so very happy to hear that everyone at home is doing good too! i can definitely feel the love you are sending so thank you!  hope everyone is doing good I’m praying for you always! Love Elder Griffin
                           That poor bike.. Kaden said he did a really good "wheely" on it....

                    Kaden said that he bought the pen in the MTC... and the recommend holder!

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