Monday, February 29, 2016

Hi everyone, so yeah i just read my dear John letter in case anyone was wondering. no worries i didn't cry haha, just more shocked than anything but oh well i know that god is blessing me now and will bless me later but just thought you all should know. so this past week was kinda interesting i guess. Wednesday me and the other elder who is in la piedad went on divisions. he was in the ccm at the same time as me but he doesnt speak near as much spanish since his companion speaks English and they always speak in english. but yeah that was interesting because not 5 minutes after splitting up a guy pulled his car to the side of the road and starting talking to us... in english! he said he was a member and that his wife and him were sealed almost 7 years ago in idaho but now his wife kicked him out and hes having alot of troubles. so me and elder horne talked to him for about a half hour and just tried to comfort him as much as we could and finally we gave him a few pamphlets to read that we thought might help and got his information. he ended up coming to church on Sunday too so that was great! but yeah wednesday night me and elder Horne taught a few people and that went good! also once we got back to his house we went on the roof and messed with people in the street with his laser haha! also took some sweet photos with my flag that i brought! then Thursday we worked in my area and sadly most of my plans went to crap so we just ended up contacting a lot of people and a few people were interested and most of em not. oh well we tried though. so yeah that was interesting! also Friday night as we were planning my companion noticed that we had a scorpion on our wall! so we ended up messing with it and taking it off the wall then putting it on the ground, my companion then killed it with fire while i videod it haha. so yeah that was really fun as well! and as for that not much else happened this week! just trying to teach people everyday and being dissapointed most days. not alot of people showed up to church again so i was kinda bummed about that but oh well. but yeah besides that doing good! Love you all and thank you all for your prayers and support! Love Elder Griffin

 Kaden finally received his Christmas package from Grandpa and Grandma Bowcutt:)

 Kaden praying and enjoying his orange chocolate.

Kaden's friend Isaac's twin 4 wheeler found in Mexico. Lol

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