Monday, February 15, 2016

Hey everyone! so this past week has kinda been a rollercoaster for me and again its seemed kinda long but thats ok ill get through it. tuesday we had a zone reunion and that went pretty good and i got two packages at it which was way sweet! then when i opened them up that night and i was looking at everything the next day i got really homesick, so wednesday and thursday were really hard days for me just because i was really missing home and was kinda down in the dumps about everything, plus we are still struggling to find investigators and get the few we have to be baptized. but then friday we went to a conference for all of the new missionaries that are in training and i got to see all of my buddies from the mtc again! i knew i was gonna see them there so i wasnt suprised i was just really happy to see them! but yeah we had a good meeting and it really got me pumped up to go out and work hard and be better! after we took some pictures and talked for a bit then left! after that me and my companion went on divisions with the district leader so i worked with another elder, and during that time i just watched him fearlessly talk with so many people and i just wondered how he did it! well we had a good time on that division teaching and finding and i learned alot from that elder! so then on saturday when we went home i tried putting what i had learned to work! i talked to an old guy at the bus station while we waited for our bus to la piedad, chatted with him for a half hour and he wouldnt even take a card with the website on it just because he said he didnt want to change, oh well haha. oh i should say by this point im not feeling homesick anymore just pumped to go do the work! also later i talked to a guy in a biker gang for a minute haha, i gave him a card and told him that he could visit the site if he had any questions, my companion later said that he thought i was gonna die haha. and sadly i later found a guy and talked to him for a bit and gave a card to him, after he turned away and started talking to someone else i saw him throw it on the ground, then a little bit later a little girl picked it up! i was hoping she would keep it and be interested by it since it had a picture of the salt lake temple on it. sadly she threw it in the garbage. i just wiped it off and put it back in my pocket. just goes to show how hard satan works to bring us down. but yeah that was my week! im feeling really good now and im really happy and feeling really confident as well! grandpa said as well did alot of other people who live here that after two months i would have the language down, well two months ago today i arrived in la piedad, i cant say that i am fluent by any means, but i can understand alot and say pretty much what i want to say! well yeah thats my week haha! hope everyone is doing good at home i love you all! Love Elder Griffin

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