Monday, March 14, 2016

3 months in La Piedad...

crazy to think that 3 months ago today i left the mtc in mexico city! man it seems like it was just yesterday and at the same time it feels like it was a lifetime ago haha, anyone wanna try explaining that to me? but this last week was pretty good i wanna start off by saying that i hadnt tried churros yet while i had been here strangely enough but yeah on monday me and two other elders i was in divisions with stopped at a place and holy cow they were good! like seriously it was five pesos for about a pound of churros and it was so worth it haha! but yeah monday after the activity at camecuaro, which by the way did i tell you i drank from there? with my filtered water bottle of course but still haha. after that we had divisions, so i went with elder conrad and elder gonzalez and we worked in zamora monday night and that went good. then tuesday we had our zone reunion and that was pretty good as well, really spiritual part was at the end an elder who is going home today gave his testimony and man that was moving! then after the reunion our district of 6 elders ended up eating at the stake presidents house! that was way cool and also some way good food! but coming home tuesday night our bus was stopped for about an hour because of a way bad crash that happened! i only saw one of the cars but what i saw was an f150 with the entire front left side exposed, tire missing and just everything torn to pieces, three different ambulances passed while we were waiting so that was a little scary! ended up getting home at 930 instead of 830 but we got home safe and sound thankfully! besides that the rest of the week was pretty normal i guess you could say. yesterday we had stake conference and that was good, and the best part is that our investigators showed up that had 4 attendances but now they have 5 so were planning on baptizing them on saturday!! so hopefully all goes well there! and lastly let me tell you about today! my companion said that my new companion was supposed to get here at 11 and after that he would take a bus to zamora. well the  buses were for 1050 or 1130, so he took the 1050 and i said ok i can wait ten minutes. then at about 1105 the zone leaders called and asked if we were on our way... thats when we found out we had a problem! i was supposed to go to zamora with my companion and meet my new companion there! so there were alot of people calling me and freaking out at that time haha. so i ended up going to where a member works close by and just waiting for an hour and a half with him while my new companion came to la piedad with elder horne and his companion, the other elders in la piedad. so yeah this morning was a little hectic and i can only imagine the look on my leaders face when they found out what happened! so yeah that was today! my new companion is Elder Antuno, he was Elder Hermmans trainer can you believe that! so far hes really cool but ill have to give him a week to really see. well love you all and hope all is well! have a great Week! Love Elder Griffin
                                         New Companion, Elder Antuno, March 14, 2016.

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