Monday, March 7, 2016

hi everyone! so first off i just want to say that i dont have alot of time to write this week so if i dont respond to everyone im really sorry! ill try every week to respond to everyone but if i dont sometimes sorry! but this last week was pretty good! not a whole lot new happened but it was a good week thats for sure! on tuesday we went to a pizza buffet for our lunch! that was really good and both me and my companion ate a huge pizza by ourselves! and the horchata there was wayyyy good! also i guess another cool thing that happened is i bought a laser haha. the other elders in la piedad have an investigator who sells lasers and theyre way powerful! we get on our roof at night and so do the other elders in la piedad and we can see each others lasers from across the city haha! so yeah thats sweet. also yesterday in church i gave the closing prayer in sacrement meeting! the funny thing about it though was that apparently the bishop announced it right before we sang the final hymn but i didnt hear it, and when the hymn ended the guy sitting next to me was like hey you have to say the prayer! haha so yeah that was cool too. so yeah not a whole lot going on this last week but today was way cool! we went to a place called camecuaro and its just basically a big beautiful lake! we cant swim obviously but me and my companion played soccer with bunch of other elders there and yeah it was just a way cool place and a way fun day! thats also why i dont have a ton of time to write today either is because we got back kinda late. so yeah thats about it for this past week! its weird to think though that by the time i write next week ill have a new companion, or at the very least my other will be gone because i have no clue how divisions work haha. hope everyone at home is doing good! i love you all and miss you all and am always praying for you! also a scripture i wanna share this week is a really cool passage i found in st john 10. the whole chapter is good but verses 11 through 27 are what i really like! it just is interesting how much he talks about being the good shephard and it really just made me feel good to know hes there and that he loves us. well thats all for this week! love Elder Griffin

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