Monday, March 21, 2016

Week one with new companion.

Hi everybody! so not a whole lot happened this past week honestly. tuesday was a really interesting day though because the sunday before a guy came to church and said he was an ex missionary from the united states that was visiting his family here, and he wanted us to come visit them. so on tuesday with the help of a member we drove to a little ranch about 40 minutes away from la piedad called cruce de rojas. after calling the guy we talked to on sunday and following him to his house when we got there i was greeted by some big buff guy and i mean this dude looked built! someone told him that we were the mormons and he was just like oh the mormons! well im glad your here lets go eat. so they invited us into their kitchen and we ate with them after we had already eaten just two hours before, i thought i was gonna explode! but the whole time we were eating i was talking with the same guy who greeted us and i found out that he was from utah! he had lived in salt lake for 20 years! he spoke a little english but our whole conversation was in spanish. but yeah the whole family is pretty much from utah, only the guy that we talked to on sunday is a member though. and i tell you what that family was rich as well! they had like 4 ford lobos (f-150) and all of the uncles and cousins that we met were big buff dudes as well! me and my companion joked that they were a blessed family because of the one member that served. they said that they were gonna come to church on sunday but they never showed sadly. besides that pretty chill week. the other elders baptized someone on saturday! i dont know if i told you before but about 2 months ago some guy stopped his car in the middle of the street and started talking to me in english and was like hey your white what are you doing in mexico? and after i told him we were missionaries he was like hey can you guys come by sometime and do like a bible study? i had to give his info to the other elders because he didnt live in out area but anyways that guy ended up being baptized on saturday! and besides that the only other crazy thing is that we went to walmart today and i spent 450 pesos on a nerf gun haha, ill send pictures of it next week. i only bought it because my companion has a little one and i wanted to have one too so we could have wars and so for when he shoots me i can shoot him back haha. All is well here in mexico!! not alot going on sadly, the work is really slow here and there are so many people that dont come to church and its really sad. but im doing good and im staying happy and safe and having lots of fun! well until next week then! Love Elder Griffin

 Me doing the loser hand signal with my left hand at my companion. He is a lot of fun and we joke around a lot together:)

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