Monday, March 28, 2016

Hola a todos! so i think that its week 20 but im not sure haha. but either way im about a fifth of the way through! anyways this last week has been slow as far as missionary work goes, and i mean REALLY slow. we only had one lesson taught to an investigator with a member present the whole week! the ward here is really divided and nothing happens. theres no activities, no mutuals, no love. its really sad and really depressing at times. me and my companion have spent alot of time this past week talking with alot of the different leaders about what we can do to help the ward, and they all said activities! the sad thing is that when we brought it up with the bishop he had no faith in it. he has zero faith in the ward in general and he doesn't wanna use any of the money that the ward has on activities. my companion and i are going to try our best to work and help this ward as much as we can, but who knows if well do any good. anyways im doing good besides that! the work is slow but we still just keep trying as best as we can. me and my companion are getting along really great which is awesome! me and him have alot of nerf wars haha, we have a rule that the guns have to be put away when were studying otherwise we end up shooting each other haha. but yeah we get along great. really looking forward to listening to general conference this week! i think i might be able to watch it in english too! but well have to see i guess! anyways yeah that was my week! a whole lot of nothing sadly. well until next week! Love Elder Griffin

All the different sizes of Coke bottles:)
 My new nerf gun
 Men in Black looking cool:)
 New way to tie my tie
 Another scorpion found in our bedroom

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