Monday, August 8, 2016

It finally rained!!!

Hey everybody! so this week was pretty good i guess haha. I went to pantla again and i had divisions with Elder Potter! hes the other white guy in my district haha. doing divisions with him was good! but holy cow did we walk alot and was it hot! wednesday was the worst! we had to walk an hour to a little town where they work at and its just an open dirt road to get there. We got there and the 1 appointment we had wasnt even home, so then Elder Potter decided he wanted to "explore" so we just went and walked a butt load haha, and then it was an hour walk back to the main town! all of that with the sun beating down on us was a killer! my shirt was literally soaking wet from just how much i was sweating! speaking of that im finally down to 200 pounds haha, i just checked on thursday. but yeah that was fun walking a whole butt load and feeling like i was on the point of death haha. it was also very very hot on thursday as well. the people who even live here are complaining about how hot it is haha! but when the biggest trials come thats when we get the biggest help, and thats excatly how it worked out, because it rained!! It was kinda cloudy on friday in the afternoon and while we had the family home evening lesson inside the church it kinda started drizzling, and we had a lesson after with an investigator as well and thats when the rain really hit! if anyone remembers my rant awhile back about mexicans and rain, i thought that everyone had gone home, but we left the church and they were all playing in the rain! i honestly was planning on going home but that wild hair just told me to go play, so we did! we went and played soccer in the rain for like 45 minutes! by the time we finished we were soaking wet but it was way way fun! then on saturday it felt really nice since it would rain hard on and off and it was cloudy the whole day! then saturday night we helped clean up the church! other people cut the grass and i raked it all up and my comp and a member threw all the grass away outside. we were there for about 3 hours as well and it was way fun and awesome to be able to help out! even though it was kinda drizzling while we were working and i was soaking wet again by the time we were done, i was happy. oh since it rained on friday, all day saturday there were a bunch of rivers in the roads haha, im not kidding these were about halfway up to my knee some of them! so my feet had been wet for about all day on saturday so that was fun as well. saturday night there was a fireworks show close by our house, it had something to do with the catholic church but who knows haha. the show wasnt nearly like anything at home though. oh and i almost forgot! i had the opportunity to do 2 baptismal interviews this week! one for an investigator in pantla and another one in Zihua for Elder Herrmann! usually the zone leaders do the interviews for district leaders, but since they werent gonna be able to make it they asked me to do it! so that was cool as well. and this week should be sweet! tomorrow we have a zone meeting in guacamays(lazaro basically) and after me and Elder Herrmann will stay there with the zone leaders and our companions will be in divisions, because wednesday afternoon me and him are going to morelia! theres gonna be a big leadership training basically and so itll be sweet, and then well come back friday afternoon! so this week will be one big party basically, a vacation from my vacation haha. Well thats all i got to say for this week! i hope everyone is doing well! i love you all very much! Love Elder Griffin

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