Monday, August 29, 2016

Transfers, August 29, 2016, still in San Jeronimito...

Hey everyone! So since God is trying to teach me as much patience as possible on this mission, i feel its only fair to share the blessing haha, so ill get to transfers in a minute. This week was awesome though! on Tuesday i was able to do divisions with Elder Potter who is in my district and he came to my area to work! we were able to do a service for a lady who just barely had a baby and it was awesome! some of you might have seen the pictures on facebook apparently, but anyways we helped her clean out her font. Not a baptismal font haha, but its where they store all of their water to use for washing dishes and clothes. so that was a good solid hour of hard work and lots of scrubbing, but we got it clean!! And afterwards we helped her clean up her yard a bit and she has coconut trees so we helped clean up all the dead branches that had fallen. Now since im a monkey and i dont learn nor do i have any regard concerning my personal safety(sorry mom) i decided to try and pull a few down that were dead but hadn't fallen yet. in doing so i pulled one down and i fell to the ground, and it was then i realized that there were bees on the branch, and alot of them! long story short one entered my mouth and stung me so for about the next 4 hours i had a fat lip haha. but it was all good after, funny story though haha:) Then Wednesday was pretty normal and we ended the divisions thursday morning and me and Elder Aldana had weekly planning! in weekly planning we do something called companionship inventory, and that just means we talk out our problems and concerns and things that are bugging us and things like that. well this was probably the best one we had ever had, just because my companion said "ya know, alot of people know im immature, other missionaries, the members, even the president. i just dont know where the line is sometimes, i know im not mature but if you can help me im willing to change". at this moment in my mind i just thought ´WHY COULD YOU NOT HAVE SAID THIS WEEK ONE?´ but on the outside i just smiled and said of course im willing to help. So needless to say me and him really got along well since that day. Thursday was a normal day. Friday night was awesome because we helped burn all of the trash outside of the church haha, it was nice to have a fire again. and then i had the best dinner i had had in a long time! a hamburger and 2 hotdogs! and let me tell you what man was i one happy camper while eating that hamburger haha, you'd be surprised but they really do know how to make some good hamburgers down here! Then Saturday we helped clean up the church a bit since Sunday was the Branch conference! that was pretty cool since alot of people from Lazaro came to our branch. The Branch turned 14 years! the stake president talked about how this place soon should be a ward but that everyone needs to start working to make it happen so well see if things change. Alright well that was this week so now ill get to the good part, Transfers!! Well, im still in San Jeronimito! ill be here at least 6 more weeks. elder Aldana however went to uruapan and ill be receiving Elder Hernandez, and no one knows anything about him haha. so it should be interesting to see how this transfer goes! Right now im with Elder Pop and Elder Juarez because our companions left last night to go to Lazaro. aaaaaaaaaaaand thats about it for this week i think! i love you all and again thanks for all of your love and support! ill be sure to let you know next week how my new companion is! Have a fantastic week!
Love Elder Griffin

 On Divisions, Service with Elder Potter.. scrubbing out the "font".  She recently had a baby.

Cleaned up well after the service project, ready to go teach the gospel!

 Haircut day.

 Happy with Elder Herrmann...

Seperation sadness...  Elder Herrmann is transferred to Morelia...

Tie Exchange.. Elder Aldana is Transferred to Uruapan. 

 Service cleaning up the church and burning the garbage!  This is Elder Griffin's kind of service!

Reward:  Hamburger and Hotdogs!  Elder Griffin said he was just a little bit over the top excited to finally eat a hamburger!  


Zihuatanejo, P-day transfers.  Awaiting new companion.  Elder Pop and Elder Juarez

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