Monday, August 22, 2016


But just because i wanna make you all wait im gonna tell you more about that in a minute haha. Well this week had its ups and downs and its hard times and its good times. On tuesday we were able to help a guy basically just clean up his yard for 2 hours, it was fun working hard and sweating and i think we really suprised him just how hard us "mormons" can work( i dont know why but the missionaries are known as the mormons down here). so that was fun, they made fun of me though for how much lemonade i drank after haha. OH on wednesday it rained, alot. We got home soaking wet, again haha. But it rained all afternoon and most of the night. the bad thing is that the sun was out without a single cloud in the sky all day thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday! so when it only rains a little and then the sun comes out, it just boils the water and makes it feel even hotter and humider! so this week was really REALLY hot!!! but we made it through thankfully. Walking from one house to another yesterday afternoon at about 3 oclock, i honestly thought i was gonna have a heatstroke because of how hot it is, but thankfully im still alive haha!! Oh another funny story! I always make fun of Elder Herrmann that he doesnt take care of his shirts cuz hes always ripping them, well i finally ripped one of mine as well haha. i got it all stitched up though by hand and its looking good again! also another funny side story, if you all remember i used to have rubber bands on my hands to stretch out my finger, well i ran out! dont worry though, my finger feels 100% and actually my right hand is stronger than my left now! just another blessing from god that i have 2 fully functional hands! And now let me tell you how fun it was cleaning the font! it honestly wasnt too bad, we cleaned it in about an hour, the problem was everytime we tried putting hot water in it, the hot water brought like dust and dirt with it, so while we filled it up we also had to slowly drain it to get the dirty stuff out. all in all the font was pretty clean for the baptism, just a few little dirt particles at the bottom, not as clean as i wouldve liked but it still was good. ant today me and my companion as well as the 2 other elders in my district came to zihua to play soccer and hangout with Elder Herrmann and his district! we played soccer a bit and hung out and ate some lunch and traded a few ties and so today was a pretty fun day as well! it just might be my last p day in this area as well! how crazy is that? anyways.... NOW i will tell you what you all wanna know! So the lady we baptized honestly is very special. Her name is baldobina and she lives alone and she lives in Peta! she lives about 30 minutes walking from our house but every sunday she walks 15 minutes to the highway from where she lives so she can take a bus and go to church. This is really hard for her since she has ankle and knee problems but it just shows just how big her faith is!  she actually came to the church three times this last week! on wednesday to do her interview, on saturday for her baptism, and on sunday to go to church and be confirmed! she doesnt have alot of money but she knows and understands just how important it is to go, so she always does everything she can to make it! she also understands that this is just the start, and now the real challenge begins of enduring to the end! i had the blessing of being able to baptize her and we had to do it 2 times just because the first time her foot came out of the water, but she said that she felt amazing after! and we had a lesson with her after church yesterday and she said she just feels so good and she can really feel the spirit! she doesnt have the strongest testimony but she has alot of faith and she believes and she is willing to try to learn more! so yeah that was about it for this week! it was tough and stressful but also very rewarding, im so very thankful that we finally had something pay off for all of our hard work. I hope you all have another wonderful week and i hope and pray that god is always watching over you! Also happy birthday Grandma Bowcutt!! i love you so very much and thank you for all that you do! Thanks for all your love and prayers everyone! Love Elder Griffin

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