Monday, August 15, 2016

Lazaro Zone Mtg and District Leader Training in Morelia...

Hey everyone! so im calling this week vacation week because it was basically a big vacation for me haha! i left my area tuesday morning and didnt get back until saturday morning! We left the house tuesday morning at about 6 o clock to go to Lazaro Cardenas for a zone meeting. That went really good and it was really powerful and it made me want to really be a better missionary. After that me and Elder Herrmann stayed in Lazaro with the zone leaders and our companions went back to work in our areas. It was really cool because right after the zone meeting on tuesday me and Elder Herrmann got to go eat lunch with Elder Smith and his companion! so that was fun to have mini divisions with him haha. After though we had actual divisions with the zone leaders. I went with Elder OJeda and Elder Herrmann went with Elder Creason. Man having a few lessons with Elder Ojeda just made me realize that the zone leaders are on another level of teaching! it was amazing the way he taught and the questions he asked and it was just really powerful all the lessons we had! it was really funny as well because while i was with Elder Ojeda we gave some weird forms of service! first we each had to fill a little notebook by numbering the pages and just writing in 1, 2, 3 etc. so that was interesting! and we also got to help fold clothes haha! and my mom knows just how much i love folding clothes! it was good though. then we slept on the floor tuesday night with the zone leaders and we worked with them on wednesday for a little bit until it was time to go! me and Elder Herrmann and Elder smith got on the bus at Lazaro at about 4 and we got to Morelia about 815! it was glorious getting off of the bus though. The bus had air conditioning but when we got off the bus IT FELT THE SAME! it didnt feel like we had just entered an oven like it usually feels getting off the bus at Lazaro! so yeah when we got off we almost cried haha. We stayed with the zone leaders of Aeropuerto that night, it was amazing sleeping on a COLD bed! and sleeping without a fan haha! then we got up thursday morning and we had our district leader training and that was awesome! we talked about so many good things and what we can do to be better district leaders and we also talked about how to do baptismal interviews so it was awesome! i loved seeing Elder Ramirez there as well! we also saw Elder Antuna there! so yeah that was a fun time. Then that got over but the zone still had another meeting, but since we arent part of the zone we went to search for food! Since Elder Herrmann had been in that zone a little before he knew his way around a bit of morelia, so me and him and Elder Smith just searched for food! eventually we found some tortas that were pretty good and then we just walked around and saw the sights! we really were just enjoying the fresh air and the nice breeze haha. Me and Elder Herrmann ended up finding a tie store and we both bought new ties! they were originally priced at 837 pesos, so i was like nope not today, but thankfully they were having a sale so i got it for 150 haha, im really happy with it its sweet. We also found a mcdonalds! so naturally i bought a big mac haha. So yeah visiting Morelia was amazing and i hope i get called there one day haha. Then we spent thursday night with the zone leaders and we got on the bus to go to Lazaro friday morning! before we got on though we went and searched for a famous torta restaurant! the best tortas in all of morelia! theyre huge and they only cost 40 pesos! so i bought two of them haha. one i ate there and i got filled up, so i put the other in my bag and i ate it about 12 hours later after heating it up in a microwave haha. the bus ride home was so comfy though! usually the buses have 4 seats per row, but the seats in this bus were so big and comfy they only had 3! so yeah we felt like millionaires haha. Friday afternoon we had a surprise training from the assistants on obedience and it was amazing as well. i just felt the spirit so strongly there and i left there feeling very pumped up. Then after that we traveled home to Zihua but we ended up getting there at 1030 which is really late, so we stayed the night there and traveled home saturday morning! so yeah it was a pretty crazy week! i loved it though and it was awesome. OH the last funny story i have is last night we had a lesson in Peta where we live and we ended up leaving there kinda late, so we had to run home, and just my luck it started to rain right as we left! so we got home right before 930 and soaking wet, but all is well! Fun week, im tired and i miss the cold air haha. I love you all and i thank you all so much for your prayers, i can really feel them pushing me along! have a great week!! Love Elder Griffin
Hello Everyone! 

Elder Griffin's words..."Elder Herrmann being weird, like always!"
District Leader Training.... Got to see his past companion.... Elder Ramirez  
and many others... Elder Ventura
 Elder Herrmann, Elder Antuna and Elder Griffin
 Elder Suarez
Another new tie that he is really proud of purchasing for 150 pesos!

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