Monday, October 3, 2016

Lots of work, lots of stress, a baptism, general conference, wow what a week!!

This was easily one of the most eventful, funnest, down right best weeks of the mission that i have ever had! First off on monday and Tuesday i was able to do divisions in Lazaro with the zone leaders and since my zone leader is my old companion Elder Ramirez me and him did divisions!! it was so fun to be with him again and i just really felt pumped up being with him and he even said that he felt great being with me again!! it was fun being in Lazaro as well seeing a kinda big city in contrast to our little teeny tiny town haha. Since we were out of our area monday and tuesday we had to work extra hard wednesday thursday and friday! and thats just what we did! we worked like mad men those three days going from appointment to appointment and if an appointment canceled on us or fell through we went with our plan b and we were visiting people all day for those 3 days! in just those 3 days we had 8 lessons with a member present and 14 lessons with a less active, thats the normal for alot of people to get in a week! and on friday we had a super amazing day! i almost broke my own record for lessons in a day! Me and Elder Ramirez set the record( whether its official or not we dont know but we call it our own record) of 5 lessons with a member and 5 lessons with a less active and 1 other lesson in 1 day!! miracles have to happen in order for us to have that many lessons! well on friday we had 5 with a member, 4 with a less active, and 1 other, so it was truly amazing! a funny story, theres a family that we visit alot with a little 1 and a half year old toddler boy named "guero" which means whitey or blondy or something like that, i get called it alot haha. Anyways this little kid is just so fun to play with, we got to their house one day and he would grab me by my tie and then lead me out the door(chain link fence) and then close it on me so that i couldnt enter haha. he would open the door just a little and i would run in and then hed pull me out again. it was so fun playing with him and it was cute to see him do that. Thursday was pretty interesting as well, since we had weekly planning we had planned on being home until 2 o clock in the afternoon, well as we were planning at 12 o clock we got a phonecall from the branch president telling us that there was a shooting going on in san jeronimito. So we called our leaders and they told us not to leave home( not like we were planning on it) haha. by the time we had normally planned to leave things had calmed down so we went to work. when we passed by where the shooting happened we saw a few police and military cars as well as two white cars being pulled away that had gotten in a wreck. the official story is that it was between the military and some gangsters(sorry for the lack of a better word) and that two people died, but in this town who really knows. i still feel fine walking around haha. everyone sounded so worried but i think they like to blow things out of proporcion, so that was fun! then saturday was a very interesting day! we got to the church early at 8 oclock to get things ready for the baptism and the conference. when we got there the church didnt have internet, and the conference started at 11! luckily by 10 the internet guy showed up and got it fixed. So we watched the first session, i had invited my district to come to our church and watch it with us, so while my companion and Elder Menchu watched it in the sacrement meeting room on the projecter, me and Elder Potter watched it in the secretarys office on a little computer screen haha, but the great thing is that we got to watch it in english! let me just tell you quickly how i felt about conference... I LOVED IT!  i can honestly say that i received answers to my prayers by listening to the talks and i hope you all did as well. Between the first and second session we went and ate with a family. then we watched the second session which ended at 5. Heres the real reason why this week was so stressful, the baptism was supposed to start at 5, right at the end of general conference, the font was full( green but full) and we were even getting things ready for the suprise birthday party after but the person who was going to be baptized still hadnt shown up! 515, 530, 545, they still hadnt made it! and they werent answering their phone! there were more people waiting for the baptism than who usually show up on sunday! including friends of the family who live in the military base! So by this point i had chewed my fingernails down to nothing(sorry mom). finally they showed up at about 615!!!! Me and the person who was gonna be baptized got changed, we had the baptism serviced, and i dunked him in the water and right into a new life. We gave him the chance to share his testimony after and he got choked up while trying to talk because of how happy he was. he just kept saying he was so happy to be able to be baptized and it was so awesome seeing the spirit with him. Then afterwards we enjoyed the birthday party for him and helped with that and went home! we then finished watching conference on sunday and it was an awesome day as well! another exciting announcement i have... Im not 100% sure but i think i might become a zone leader! i have been specially invited to go to the leadership council which they hold in guadalajara. so tomorrow i get to travel from one corner of the mission to the other haha! it should be pretty fun and they usually only invite you to this if they want to jump you up to the zone leader position, so there is a good chance that next monday i might have a different responsibilty! but who knows haha. So yeah that was this week! the baptism was amazing and i was able to do it right the first time without any problems. I loved conference and took about 10 or more pages of notes. I love you all so very much! i hope you all enjoyed conference as much as i did and i hope we can always apply what we learned and strive to be better, happier people!( excuse me for my terrible english, yes i know its hard to understand but now you all know how i feel talking to people down here haha!) i hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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