Monday, October 31, 2016

Hi Everyone!! so this week definetely wasnt as hectic or fast paced as last week, thats why im calling it rest week haha. Monday was a pretty normal day and so was tuesday, we had a few lessons and taught a few people, monday night we really wanted to do a pre-celebration for getting the 50 lessons but we didnt have any money so we decided not to. Well the lord just showed us more of his tender mercies, because one person we visited monday night gave us cake and another gave us tacos and some dang tasty coconut flavored water! we were just like this is too good to be true haha! then tuesday was a normal day as well as far as the work goes. Wednesday was a rollercoaster of emotions!! Wednesday was interviews with the president, and the zone leaders(us) are in charge of planning them. so we had a schedule and everything and told everyone when to show up and how long to take and yeah. We got to the church at 830 to start cleaning up a bit and the first interview started at 10. each person only has 15 minutes, but im pretty sure no one got the memo. The first 6 people took about a half hour each, some 40 minutes! so me and my companion were really stressed at this point because we were way behind and the president changed the interview order and everything was just a big mess. Eventually it came time to get lunch for the president and a senior companionship that came with him. Just my luck that kfc decided to not deliver that day. So me and my companion had to go get the food for them! have you ever tried riding in a comvi with  a drink in each hand? its pretty tough let me tell ya! and by the time we got to the church with everything my hands were freezing cold from holding the drinks haha. Thankfully we got it all there and everyone was happy and interviews continued. Towards the end it ended up being a huge pile up basically of missionaries because everyone got there for their appointment on time but since we were behind they had to wait. again stressful. During the interviews we also have the responsibility to check agendas and their area books to give them advice and make sure theyre using them good and things like that, more stress! finally it came down to the last two people, me and my companion. I went in at about 620 and at 7 we had a meeting scheduled with the stake president and the mission president. i set the record that day for the shortest interview with less that 15 minutes haha. it was great though talking to him, he told me that he really needed me and my leadership and it was pretty cool talking to him. also when i shared my scripture i had been thinking about for the week he looked it up in his scriptures and wrote my name down above the verse in his scriptures! it was a pretty cool feeling i had. then my companion had his interview and it was 7 o clock haha. The meeting we had after with the stake president and mission president was awesome! The mission president basically just said how much he loves this area and that this is the model area of the mission and he loved what we were doing and wished that the other areas could be like this! we also talked about a few needs and things we were going to implement and change but it was just such a cool meeting! me and my companion left that meeting literally jumping with joy!(ok  i might have been the only one jumping but still). and so we decided to celebrate missionary style, pizza and coke haha. Thursday was chill, we planned our next coming week and went to eat giant tortas again then traveled to guadalajara. We didnt end up getting to the assistents house till 935 because the traffic was so bad there!! Divisions with the assistents was also really cool. I got to be with my good buddy Elder Gonzalez again so that was a fun time, we did some service by helping a lady basically rearrange her store haha. Then we ate in easily the fanciest house i have ever seen on my mission. it was like a regular utah home, but to me it seemed like a mansion because of all the other houses ive been in! then we had some good lessons and called it a day! saturday we traveled home and had a few lessons in the afternoon. Sunday was way cool since it was the primary program! the kids were so cute, and the primary teacher asked us for our help, so when they sang called to serve, on the second verse we started singing as well and we walked from the back of the sacrement room to the front. it was pretty cool and alot of people told us afterward that we pretty much woke them up with our "booming" voices haha. Then we spent the whole day there helping with the missionary preparation class and the family home evening activity for the ward. So yeah that was this week! today we took a tour of morelia and "accidently" had to go through a big catholic church or "great abominables" as we call them. so yeah that was this week! we didnt have near as many lessons due to the fact that we had hardly any time to work in our area, but im happy and healthy and loving life!! oh mom youll love this story, i signed my visa thursday night but it didnt pass, and i signed 5 different times just to be sure that it would! so i signed again before i left guadalajara saturday morning, and if it doesnt pass this time ill have to go back to guadalajara and go to the visa place in person. my bad handwriting finally came back to bite me in the butt. Well i love you all and i hope you all have a great week! Happy halloween! Love Elder Griffin

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