Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday October 10, 2016....I'M A ZONE LEADER!

THAT'S RIGHT I'M A ZONE LEADER AND I'M SUPER PUMPED ABOUT THAT!!! i'm in the stake of aeropuerto in the ward of tarimbaro and ive been talking to alot of people and apparently this is the best area in all of the mission or at least one of the best!!! the stake has put the goal to have 20 lessons with a member present each week as well as 20 lessons with less actives and 10 other lessons! i do not think i will be busy here! also my new companion is Elder Bocanegra! Hes a really cool dude and i know well get along just fine and were gonna work really hard together! Actually its funny, the area i am in now is the same area i came to 3 months ago for the district leader meeting! just my luck i finally get what i want right?!?! so yes im super pumped. Now let me tell you about this week!! monday, normal. Tuesday i left my house at 8 am and i left from zihua with another elder at 930 am and we didnt get to the mission offices until 9 at night!! i had hardly eaten nor drinken anything all day, so when i got there i was lucky enough to find a really gool guy named Elder Zurita who is my new buddy and me and him went to buy some tacos at 1045 at night in basketball shorts, regular t-shirts, and shower sandals haha. i have never felt so cool up to that point in my life haha. Wednesday we had the leadership counsel. we started at 9 and they fed us breakfast before, we had a little break at 1 and they fed us lunch then. We started up again and ended by 4 pm. so it was really cool and powerful and just awesome to be a part of it! During the break as well the president asked me if i would accept the calling to be a zone leader and i said yes and so i basically knew from that point forward i was gonna be a zone leader. afterwards i went to a buffet place called sirloin stockade. THAT PLACE IS THE BOMB!!! I literally have never felt so full in my entire life, and for sure have never felt that full on the mission, it was awesome haha. Then me and the same Elder who came with me from zihua took a bus back with me. we left at 930 at night and got to zihua at 630 am. needless to say that following day was very long, VERY long. But its ok because i pushed through and we worked hard and had fun those last few days and all was well! Saturday night i got the transfer calls confirming where i was going for transfers. Heres the best part about my week though, just how absolutely crazy my traveling was. At 8 am on sunday we left the house with all my bags to take them to the church so we wouldnt have to come back for them later, then at 6 pm we left san jeronimito to go to zihua so i could take a bus to lazaro. At this point i had assumed i would be traveling monday morning and sleeping the night in lazaro sunday night. But anyways at 740 we left zihua, got to lazaro at 9 and waited outside the bus terminal until 930 when some guy drove by in his truck asking us if we wanted a ride and were like um no thanks, well that guy ended up having two missionaries with him who helped us figure things out better haha. this is when i got the shocker that i was going to be traveling AT 1 IN THE MORNING, oh but wait it gets better, guess who i ended up traveling with at 1 in the morning? A SISTER!! so my companion for about 6 hours was a girl, that was weird and very interesting to say the least haha. Her name is Sister Powley. We actually talked alot though and shes really cool so it was chill traveling with her. We got to morelia at 5 am and guys, ITS COLD HERE!! i love it haha!! so yeah im going off of about 2 hours of sleep right now but i feel on top of the world! i cant wait to tell you all about my new area and more about my new companion and things like that!! oh but the most important thing of all  before i end this email is that i have a very special announcement to make. Its someones birthday this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! thanks so much for all that you did for me growing up and all that you do for me now! you really have been an angel in my life that i am so grateful to have and to call my mom! i hope your birthday is wonderful and just know i will be sending lots of hugs and kisses! Well thats it for this week folks. Love you all! Love Elder Griffin

  Elder Jambati my first district leader, Elder Toledo my second district leader, and Elder Zurita, hes a cool dude I just met but he took me out to eat tacos at 1045 at night in guadalajara in just shorts a tshirt and our shower sandals haha

                                           saying goodbye to a bunch of familys on sunday!

                                              last pic with me and the boys from zihua!  
                               this picture with the sister is really funny for alot of reasons. the main one is                                               because for approximately 6 hours she was my companion!
                                      i saw Elder Emery while waiting in the morelia central!!

                Leadership Council in Guadalajara...  Elder Griffin,  Zone Leader in Morelia

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