Monday, October 17, 2016

Wow being a zone leader is different!!

Hey everyone! so i dont have alot of time again this week so i just want to say im sorry if i dont get to write you all before i get off! this week has been so awesome and so different and so cool i love it! first off we didn't work Monday since my companion was sick but Tuesday we started getting to work and this is a great area! weve just been working so hard to try and find new investigators this week because its funny, ive always complained about having one of the worst areas in the mission and now the lord has blessed me with literally the model area of the mission! everyone looks at us like, wow we should be doing what there doing. Its so great here because all the members want to help us! we had the stake conference here on saturday and sunday and after all the sessions we had people asking us when can we go visit with you guys? i was in shock! so the ward here is really strong and all the people wanna help us its just kindof a bummer because we dont have investigators haha.... i dont know why but my companion said that when his last companion left the area so did all the investigators because apparently they all said they didn't want to hear more and they just left us... but its ok! were gonna keep looking for new ones and i know the lord will definitely help us out. Anyways fun stories about this week... well first off we walk alot more here than i did in my last area. as you know my last area was just a little town that we could walk from one corner to the other in about 20 minutes, and here we usually walk 20 minutes to each lesson! so its definitely a little different, but its ok ill get used to it. Speaking of walking, we share the ward here with sister missionaries as well and sometimes we eat together with the members. one day they didn't know where the food appointment was since it was in our area, and we told them to meet us at a certain place at 1230 because the lunch appointment was at one. well they showed up right at 1 haha, and when we told them that the food was a half hour away they didn't believe us and they just started walking fast, even started jogging for a bit! well me and my companion just kinda looked at each other and laughed and then we kicked into "missionary pace" usually this pace is only used for when your late to appointments, and when we hit that speed(walking of course) the sisters had to jog behind us! it was just really funny because they jogged behind us for a full half hour and we all got to lunch really sweaty. Also this area is awesome because its not hot! its honestly really cool here, lots of people here say its hot and i just kinda laugh and think you dont know heat. also this area has sagebrush! so since i hadn't smelt that for 11 months, when i smelt it walking down the street the other day i got so happy and my companion thought i was so weird but i didn't care because man had i missed that smell! speaking of my companion he is so cool! hes a really funny guy and really easy to get along with and hes obedient as well(better be for being a zone leader haha) and so i think this transfer should really fly by with the pace we have! the stake has goals that each companionship reaches 20 or more lessons with a member present each week, 20 or more lessons with less actives, and 10 other lessons. thats 50 lessons a week! so i am very excited to see the pace of the work pick up here as i start to know the area better and we start doing divisions as well. Well thats it for this week! i love you all and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

 Elder Bocanegra and Elder Griffin

Apartment in Tarimbaro

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