Monday, May 8, 2017


So this week made its way up the list of one of the craziest weeks in my mission. Monday was awesome as we went to the barranca again and hiked all the way down and up the grand canyon thing haha. Tuesday we had planned on having a zone meeting but they changed the rules in the mission and there are no more zone meetings, so we canceled that last minute and had our normal district meetings. We also got to go do a service project that day and help a lady paint her house, we painted an entire room in about 45 minutes, i thought that was pretty fast and it looked good at the end too haha. Wednesday was when it got real interesting. So this is a long and sad but also funny story. A few years ago for those of you who dont know i shot myself in the hand with a bb gun(yes i know it was dumb). anyways the bb stayed in my hand since we never took it out. And throughout all these years it has never bugged or bothered me either. well a few weeks ago that bb really started acting like it wanted to come out. So Wednesday we got up at 530 am to be at the hospital by 7 like the doctor told us. The hospital we went to seemed more like a hotel than a hospital. it was pure fashion and no function. We got there at 7 like we were supposed to but waited a half hour for the secretary to show up and register us. took us to our "suite" after where we waited another half hour. The nurse got there and told me to change into the uncomfortable bath robe kinda thing they have you wear when your in the hospital. Then the lady tortured me for about 15 minutes trying to find a vein and put an IV in my arm. She couldn't do it so she had to call another nurse to help her and finally after three tries they put the dang needle in a vein and left it there(mom you need to help these ladies out alot). then we waited about an hour wondering when my surgery was supposed to be(because it was appointed for 730). the doctor came into my room at 10 and said "we were waiting for you and waiting and just thinking, wow he hasn't showed up yet, till someone told me that my patient had been here since 7" that was a little frustrating haha. An hour later they took me to the surgery room, cleaned up my hand real good, numbed my hand so i couldn't feel a thing and gave me medicine that made me one happy Missionary haha. The actual surgery only took 10 minutes. The doctor said he cut open my hand and it was easy to take the bb out. He said the skin around it had turned black as well so he cut that skin out as well. Stitched me up and i was done. Well i was hoping to leave that same day but for some dumb reason they made us wait until the next day(they said the insurance wont pay unless we stay 24 hours...) so we were able to get our ward mission leader to bring us our food and we just sat in the hospital all day. Thursday morning as well it was  a big hassle to leave the hospital but finally they let us out around 11 am. we just came home and showered and got ready for the day since we took nothing to the hospital because we weren't planning on being there a full day. all we had time to do on Thursday was eat lunch with the members, go take out money and pay the rent, have our correlation meeting with the ward mission leader and then go to another area to do a baptismal interview. Friday as well we only had time to have our weekly planning, go to lunch, have one lesson and then we went to the church to play soccer since we finally were able to plan an activity with the ward. Well that didn't happen because only 2 young men showed up.... That was a big bummer for us. We stayed and played with them though a bit and afterwards shot hoops with one of the members of the ward that showed up. Saturday morning The mission president called me and said "Elder Griffin the lord trusts you because he has called you to serve in Zamora with Elder Rojas and you two will be opening an area". That was a really big shock haha. Saturday and Sunday i spent saying goodbye to people and getting my bags packed and today i got transferred! Im now back where i started my mission in the Zamora zone! but now as a zone leader! neither me nor my companion know the area so this week should be quite interesting finding our way around haha. In this zone is also my trainer Elder Richart, that should be fun being his zone leader haha, and also my cousin Elder Ashford! so quite the week with a whole lot of things that happened. Ill be sure to update you all next week on my new area and my new companion! Thanks for your love and prayers and i hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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