Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 2 in La Floresta!

So this week was pretty sweet actually, we got to travel lots and we also got to do divisions this week and work a little in our area, so yeah it was a good week! i like a saying they have here in mexico that goes "obispo por arriba, pura salida, obisop por abajo puro trabajo" which means a bishop and above is pure traveling, and a bishop and below is pure work. Sometimes i feel like we are traveling way too much haha, but that comes with the calling. On Monday we traveled to Guadalajara and stayed the night there with the secretaries to go to leadership council the next day. Leadership council is always one of the most stressful and tiring days of the mission, considering we sit around all day just talking haha. We were able to receive some training and also set some goals, we really hope to be able to start baptizing more people in this mission since that's been a struggle for a long time. its gonna require lots of work but the lord requires everything of us! It was cool though this time because now all the gringos that got to the mission with me are zone leaders, so of course we all took a picture together haha, sort of a "started from the bottom now were here" kinda thing haha. And of course as is tradition we got a dairy queen after. Traveled home and get there Tuesday night. Wednesday we had the district meetings and we also were able to do divisions with some of the elders here in the zone. It was nice because the Elder that i was with new our area a little bit, so he took me to meet a few people we had never visited. Really nice to be able to split up in our area and get more work done since we hadn't worked for a few days. Thursdays here are awesome because as we get halfway through the week the stress starts to build up, but we go to the church to play soccer with the young men there and that was a blast on Thursday, both me and my companion just felt alot more relaxed after. Friday we had to travel an hour and a half to another area in our zone to do a baptismal interview, and we were lucky enough to catch a bus that left right as we got to the bus center and we barely got home on time. Saturday was a pretty normal day, just spent the morning as well planning out the zone conference with the sister trainer leaders here. Since we don't have zone meetings anymore we have to make sure that the zone conferences are alot more spiritual and powerful and that everyone learns lot. And then yesterday was a pretty normal day! they are putting new tile floor in the church so its gonna be pretty interesting these next few weeks to see if we get moved to another church or not. Today was way way fun as we had our zone activity. Basically just played soccer all day, a little basketball as well and had a really really fun time there with all the missionaries. Me and my companion Elder Rojas are getting along really well, we are laughing alot and working hard and we get along super great, haven't had any arguments yet and we always find the ways to laugh and relax for a bit. we are learning our area alot better, its alot easier to know where were at and where to go since we don't get lost as much anymore haha. The members here also help out alot which is great, not as much as in tarimbaro but alot more than they did in tapatio haha. Everything is going good on the mission! for anyone that wants to know my hand is also healing up great so no worries there. This week is going to be awesome since we don't have to go anywhere, we just get to be in our area all week! I hope you all have a great week and thanks again for all your love and prayers! Love Elder Griffin

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