Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 3 in La Floresta!!!

So this week me and my companion have had so many fun and interesting experiences. we know our area pretty well by now, when you open an area you learn it really fast, but there are still new things we learn each day! monday was pretty cool because we had divisions for just a few hours with a few elders that had traveled from there area far away, and rather then go back that day they stayed the night with us. anyways during those divisions all of my plans had fallen through and i didnt know what to do. I felt the impression(most likely the spirit) tell me to go visit a member. This was an active member, in the high council and i thought why would i visit him? but we went and right as we got there he said "Elders i have someone that wants to listen to you!" i couldnt believe what i had just heard haha. that member then took us to visit his friend that wanted to know more and we could really help him to have hope for a better future since he was really going through alot of hardships. that was one great experience. On Tuesday and Wednesday we also had divisions with a different companionship of Elders and those went pretty good despise the fact that almost all of our plans fell through haha. Its pretty sad that ive gotten use to having all my plans fall through, but now i know how to react when that happens, and rather than stress about it i just learn to enjoy it! and that day as we were walking in the street some random guy yelled at us and so we went and talked to him, found out that he was a member and a really really funny one too! that guy made us laugh so much in 5 minutes my cheeks were hurting haha. also for the first time in about 19 months i saw an actual 450 dirt bike, that brought back loooooooots of memories. On Wednesday we actually had alot of success and found two different members that went and did visits with us and we were able to have some good lessons with them, little by little the members are working with us more here so thats a good improvement. Thursday and Friday were normal days, we were able to actually work without any interviews or meetings or anything like that, those days are real treasures haha. Saturday we spent most the day getting ready for the zone conference that we will be having tomorrow. This zone really needs alot of help so me and my companion have been planning alot for it and we really hope that it turns out well. And yesterday was cool because we got to watch meet the mormons while we were eating lunch with a member, thats something i hadnt seen since the mtc i think. That was my week! this week will be really busy, conferences, interviews, baptismal interviews, maybe divisions, oh i love everything we get to do haha! Also this week it rained two days, and that has helped alot with the heat here but its still getting hotter and hotter haha. I hope you all have a great week and that all of you can feel the love of God in your lives! being on the mission im blessed to feel it every day and be able to help others feel it. I wish you all a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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