Monday, May 1, 2017

What a week!

Hey everyone! I know i say this alot, and I'm sure that i will say it again but this week was crazy! First off we had divisions with the assistants on Tuesday and Wednesday. we got lost trying to get to their area, so finally just took a taxi to make it there on time haha. It was fun being with them as they are both good friends of mine, honestly made me jealous of their area because the members helped us make alot of visits, its a really tiny compact area, and the people there are actually nice and willing to listen haha. We ended divisions Wednesday afternoon and were able to make a few visits in our area, then our good friend Elder Sanchez had some "official secretary business" he had to do close to our area, so he ended up staying the night that night. so as tradition requires we bought tacos, and as our stomachs required afterwards we bought pizza haha. Thursday was fun, didn't work at all since we spent the whole day in weekly planning, studies, had our meeting with the ward mission leader and then we had to go to another area to do a baptismal interview.  Friday was a pretty normal day actually, Saturday as well. Finally we could get some work in our area.  Sunday we had the ward council meeting and we FINALLY got an activity planned out! we are going to start playing soccer each week so less active members and investigators can come and play and enjoy things for a bit. That was a huge success honestly. Then after church we made a few visits and that was our week. this week was really hard honestly to work alot in our area, and when we were in our area we didn't have alot of success because we have slowly been leaving investigators that aren't progressing and now we don't have alot of work here and its really hard to find new investigators here. But we are going to keep working hard! Fun story, the elders that live closest to us that our in our zone got robbed yesterday while they were outside the house working in their area, so we had to make a million phonecalls to all the members trying to find someone who would help us out, we just ended up leaving the house open since the robbers broke the lock, and they slept with us yesterday, all this happened at about 10 at night. today we had lots of fun though. We went back to the big grand canyon thingy called the Barranca and went all the way down the bottom again and all the way back up. This time i still had to carry another person up haha, it wasn't the same person as last time, oh no even better it was his really old and pretty fat and crazy dad. The people here are crazy sometimes haha. but they took us out to eat lunch after so it was ok. i think a cold shower is calling my name before me and my companion go proselyte haha. Well i hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Griffin

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